Chapter 2244 New DNA Test?

At the Rocha Hotel, Elza tells Jane that Daryl’s threat cannot go unpunished. The two friends continue to talk.

“Daryl Mountain is crossing the line!” Elza exclaims, “I remember how they insinuated that Josias should divorce Kate when they were still well off. Afterward, they befriended Gabriela, effectively ruining my son’s marriage, and symbolically causing the deaths of Kate and my grandson J.J. And we have this inexplicable war between you, even though Jack married Veronica.”

Jane takes a deep breath, “It’s not inexplicable, Elza. Do you remember, between 1997 and 1998, when Daryl hinted that Josias should pass the succession of Rocha Constructions to David instead of Alan? Well, Octavio was the first to realize that Daryl was nothing more than a schemer. That’s where our feud started.”

“But that was years ago, and Josias has decided that Alan will succeed him.” Elza says, “Jane, c

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