Chapter 2254 More Truths Coming to Light

At Rocha Mansion, Josias, Tiago, and Alan continue to listen to Gabriela and her confessions.

But Gabriela keeps looking at Tiago’s hand, “Is he holding a gun under his suit?”

Josias gestures, “Don’t mind Tiago. Focus on me, tell me everything you know, like you promised.”

Gabriela feels tremors and decides to continue, “OK. After I was beaten and taken to the hospital, I obviously resented Katherine’s assault on me and vowed revenge.”

Josias interrupts her, annoyed, “Here’s another mistake of yours. Why did you need to seek revenge? Don’t you see, Gabriela? This is where things got worse! I could very well force Kate to apologize, but you have lost your reason for wanting to reciprocate in kind.”

Gabriela retorts, “But your dear wife blew up the peace pact when she invaded Isabel Freire’s autograph session and assaulted Maggie.”

“Then that&

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