Chapter 2255 Violence at Rocha Constructions

At Rocha Mansion, the controversial talk between Josias and Gabriela continues.

“Gabriela, don’t take me for a fool.” Josias raises his index finger, “You claim that you had no part in the photographs and the anonymous e-mail, but it was precisely this action that helped you to carry out the plan: Kate filed for divorce and went to Boston, dying on the high seas along with my son.”

Gabriela despairs, remembering the grave dug in the sand on the beach, “I swear, Josias... I met you by chance. I enjoyed the moments when you fed pizza in my mouth as if we were dating. But I wasn’t posing for any photographer. That was a terrible coincidence.”

“Yeah, but it served your purposes.” Josias somberly concludes, “Next, Melissa appeared in front of me wanting to confess to the plan, but then backtracked. So...”

Alan is startled and asks angrily, “Hey, you mean my mom going to Victoria&mdas

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