Chapter 2284 What’s the worst situation?

At Café Montanha, Daryl was already gone, calmer. Alan and Reuben were at the counter talking to Rodrigo. The radio plays “Stay Together to the Kids” by Blink 182.

“Good thing the War was canceled.” Reuben rejoices, “See? Whoever said Uncle Josias was a bad guy didn’t know what he was saying.”

“I also thank God for that.” Rodrigo smiles, “Still, all that talk made it easier for me to have my kitten.”

“Wow, congrats, Rod!” Alan congratulates him, “Do we know who the lucky one is?”

“Yes, Miss Lafayette.” Rodrigo advertises as a herald.

As soon as he finishes pronouncing the last name, Cláudio enters the cafeteria.

“But... are you already bragging about depraving my girl?”

Alan and Reuben are startled by the outburst.

Rodrigo gestures for the young people to move to the back of the counter, “Cláudio, what do you want now? Watch out, you’re in my territory.”

Cláudio smirks, “Isn’t your territory the modeling agency, where do you take those indecent photos in Calvin Klein underwear?”

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