Chapter 2333 Is Elton a Singer?

At General Hospital, Josias notices that Melissa is not behaving like someone who is anxious to see a friend giving birth to her child. Melissa was somber and distant, while Simeon and Dora chatted animatedly.

“A pity that Teodoro couldn’t see his daughter giving him another grandchild,” Simeon comments.

“Darling, even if Teodoro didn’t have the cardiac arrest in 1985, he would be dead today... He was already sixty-five.”

“But he could have seen Rosemary and Pedro at least.” Simeon insists.

“Well, that’s true.” Dora sees Josias, “Hello, Josias! Here we are. William and Caio had to go home because of the pizzeria. Alan stayed with the twins, and it looks like Pedro and Maycon went to see them.”

“Hi, everyone. Glad Wallace is finally having his baby. A little late, I guess...”

Melissa does the math, “Wally’s forty-three, but he’s still handsome. No one will think of him as a late father. He’ll probably look younger when he shows up with his son in his arms.”

Josias smiles playfully, “Wo
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