Chapter 2377 Daryl, Deadbeat?

Erasmo, giving in to pressure, accepts that Daryl pays his share of the donation to charity on Josias’s account.

Josias listens to Erasmo over the phone, “Oh, have you deposited yet? Then I’ll check with Melissa. Please, take a copy of the deposit slip and send it to her email, do you know which one?”

Erasmo can’t stop sweating. His shirt is soaked, “OK, Mr. Rocha, OK... bye...!” Erasmo ends the phone call, “What the Hell! Because of you, I said I made the deposit! You should have left, but you stayed here on purpose!”

Daryl continues to smirk, “Mr. Vasquez, if there’s one thing you should learn from me, it’s that I never pass up an opportunity.”

Erasmo rolls his eyes and grabs another handkerchief to wipe away the sweat. The first one is extremely wet and doesn’t dry anything else, it just smears, “Don’t bother me with your memorized phrases from self-help books. Are you really going to deposit me?”

“I’ll transfer the money to your account and you will transfer it to Josias,” Daryl s
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