Chapter 2412 Using as a Scapegoat

In Daryl’s office, he finds it somewhat impossible that Rodrigo accepts without much resistance that Claudio owned a dressing room and he didn’t.

Daryl decides to question this, “I don’t believe you. Are you really going to try to convince me that you didn’t fight for your right to have a dressing room like the renowned model that you are? Where was Mrs. Vasquez at this crucial hour?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t look for her!” Rodrigo asserts.

“So you let your rival triumph.” Daryl shakes his head and steps out from behind the desk.

Rodrigo smiles wryly, “You talk as if you care about my career. What you want is to see the circus burn. You expected me to make a bigger scandal so that people would remember me later and point to me as the shooter!”

Daryl waves his hands in frantic gestures, “No, Rod, I didn’t want that!”

“The fact remains that you shot Josias. Pictures don’t lie.” Rodrigo boldly asserts.

“Those Thierry Lafayette’s photos prove I was there, not that I shot him!” Daryl veheme
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