Chapter 2555 I Solved the Problem

At Vernon’s office at LCN, he finishes speaking to the person on the phone. João Paulo waits.

“So, Dad? Are you going to keep me waiting?”

“Oh, son, I’m sorry.” Vernon scratches the back of his head, “I think the information is too fantastic!”

“What it was? Who called?”

“Anonymous caller, obviously.” Vernon shakes his head, sitting down, “One person, muffling his voice, said that the person who blew up the kitchen at the Rocha Hotel was Ulysses Cardozo.”

“Never heard of this guy.” João Paulo frowns.

“Well, that’s what the Internet is for these days.” Vernon smiles and starts typing.

João Paulo goes around the desk to follow his father’s research. On the screen, photos of several Ulysses dudes appear.

João Paulo points to one of them, “What about this guy? Ulysses Cardozo, president of the perfume company, residing in Linhares... and his wife, Adelaide Cardozo.”

“Isn’t Shirley Mountain’s sister hospitalized with traumatic shock?” Vernon is amazed, “What does her husband have to do with
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