Chapter 2599 The Grand Dinner

At the Mountain Penthouse, Kelvin watched the sunset from the balcony, sitting on one of the loungers, shirtless, letting the light breeze caress his skin. He thought about his life...

Talking to Caroline and the twins, he couldn’t help but think about their mother... Melissa...

“Argh, I’m going crazy! Melissa loves Josias and she will never return to me. Game over, Kelvin.”

Kelvin shakes his head and continues to admire the cityscape.

Hearing the door open and close, he remains silent, not willing to vent his confused feelings to a rebellious Felipe.

Felipe approaches his uncle with a criminal smile. “Hi, Uncle Kelvin! What a beautiful horizon, don’t you think?”

“What did you do now, Felipe?”

“Jeez, what a lack of trust!” Felipe sits on the other lounge chair, “I had a little chat with Cláudio Guzman.”

“For Christ’s sake, Felipe!” Kelvin scolds him, “Don’t meddle in what’s none of your business! If I hear you’re acting like this, you’ll move closer to your parents, huh!”

“I’m an adul
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