Chapter 2688 Don’t Sue Me, Please!

At Café Montanha, Karen finished her coffee and paid for it.

“Come back often, darling!” Isabel said goodbye to her.

Before Karen left, she heard Maggie’s voice.

“Izzy, did you hear about the crazy woman who attacked Helen at my aunt’s company?”

“Oh, Maggie, people have been talking. It seems that the scandal was right there in the square! As I work here, I didn’t see it... there aren’t any stands today.”

“No, Helen must be resting at home. And they say there will be a lawsuit.”

Karen opened her eyes wide and hurriedly withdrew.

Isabel continued, “If Helen sues the crazy woman for moral damages, she’ll win without a doubt.”

Maggie shook her head. “Where is the unity of women?”

“Only Kelvin to explain something like that,” Isabel commented.

By coincidence, Kelvin was approaching the coffee shop. And he caught a glimpse of Karen running away desperately as if she were running from a ghost or the police.

But as her back was turned to him, Kelvin didn’t recognize her and entered Café Mont
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