Chapter 2779 Some Value Teodoro Building, Others Don’t

At the Teodoro Building, Reuben visited Pedro to talk about the crazy request he wanted. Both young people are in the canteen eating apple pie.

“The tenants here are gaining pounds, it’s a joy.” Reuben still speaks with his mouth full.

“Careful, man.” Pedro jokes, “Carol can’t be disappointed that you’re losing your flat stomach.”

Reuben swallowed and lifted the hem of his shirt, revealing a perfect six-pack. “Never. If I fail, she will run into the arms of the idiot Felipe.”

Pedro worries, “Is there still this risk?”

Reuben lets go of his shirt because tenants have started to notice the boy’s bare torso, “He’s now running the Crystal Blue, and he’s sure to use that as bait to seduce my Caroline.”

Pedro shrugs, “But what’s the big news? The restaurant has always been in the Mountain family! Uncle Josias just returned the restaurant to the original owners.”

“When I was a toddler, the restaurant belonged to the Bento family.” Reuben added, “Anyway, Carol, as the angel she is, will visit
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