My Survival System In An Apocalyptic World

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My Survival System In An Apocalyptic World

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The world today has long changed. Zombies roamed the land, and mutated beasts and plants showed their might at every turn. For a moment, all hope seems lost, until a few humans fall into deep comas, waking up with extraordinary abilities.  Such people were called Awakened Humans   From then on, humanity once again took center stage, fighting to maintain its position above all beings. Millions of years later, the world is still in an apocalyptic era, though in a far better state than before.  Gray Ravenleaf, a young orphan boy living in the lowest sector finds himself powerless against fate.  He has the worst talents the world has ever seen. But just when he thought he stood no chance of rising to the top, he suddenly awakens an Ace Apocalypse Survival System that gives him the confidence and godly strength to rise to the top.  Since then, Gray left his name in the history books as humanity's strongest Awakener!


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Gray Ravenleaf
Looking at the hazy atmosphere covered in a thin, but very see-through layer of mist, Gray raised his head, peering to the skies through his old goggles. He soon sighed, grumbling to himself. "Today, I still can't see the sun in all its glory… Why do I always feel the stories before were exaggerated?" (?~?)Shrugging, Gray dragged his battered body up the many fleets of stairs to his apartment on the 17th floor. Elevators? What was that? Those were things he had never seen before in his life though he heard the Glory Awakener Guild did have one, only used by the President. They say it's a box that can go up and down on its own, eliminating the use of stairs. How cool is that?Hiss!~Gray sucked in his breath from the pain. Seeing his bloody appearance didn't make the passerbys curious. Such a scene was a normal occurrence in this godforsaken hellhole. The world today wasn't the same as the world before the"Big Catastrophe", the one that pushed humanity into a new Era of surv
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World Class Punching Bag!
Augh~Not wanting to focus on the punching bag matter, Gray forced himself to roll over so he could rest on his back. The floor was too hard on his already badly injured belly. "Just to be clear, I can add those points to any attribute? Even my Spirit Score?" (>oStrength: 3.4 > Agility: 6> Physique: 4 > Spirit Score: 1.5 -----This was what his current attributes looked like. What was this?Playing around a little, Gray was taken aback by the sudden discovery. He subtracted 3 points from the first 3 attributes and added them to his Spirit Score. But what he found out was that it only moved by 0.1. Meaning 9 points were necessary to move it from 1.4 to 1.5. Hold on, the
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The Difference In Strength
What is going on here? "I don't believe it!" Clandel, the one they called General, roared.Seeing this, many were happy."Tsk. Brother Clandel is pissed! This useless bastard is dead for sure!""Yeah. Brother Clandel is so angry now. The consequences will definitely be severe. Just wait and see.""Hmph! This useless dog doesn't even have the chance to defend itself now.""That's right. It can be seen that Brother Clandel was indeed not serious and careless before! But now, he will teach him the true meaning of courting death!""…"The few minions heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that Clandel had only been doing a warm-up on the bastard before. But little did they know that their mighty Clandel was already at his wit's end with Gray.What's going on? Clandel was inwardly sweating buckets, wondering what was wrong with this bastard all of a sudden.Never in his life has he felt so angry and helpless all at once. Rather than screaming and begging for mercy, Gray looked as though he
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A Dangerous Man
In the limo seated beside Adler, the black-haired man in suit and stylish petticoat had his legs crossed and his hands also crossed against his chest too. His eyes were always lazy, as though he couldn't be bothered with the happenings of the world around him. "I will be reporting it to the master."Go ahead then, Guard dog. Adler inwardly retorted, not caring for what Spade said.It's not that he wasn't afraid of Spade, but that he knew Spade would never lay a finger on him. Spade was with the Gannon family's Guard Dog. He oversaw all Gannon security, as well as top Gannon projects too. When he moved people followed. When he spoke, no one dared to breathe; and when he finally laid claim to something, you better back off or you won't know how you died.Spade was raised by his father, and also was too loyal to a fault. Spade would give his life for his father and their bond was only made stronger when Spade the killing machine eliminated many of his father's enemies single-handed
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Sudden Benefits
Who am I? What am I? Where am I?The pain was just too much. luckily, it seems the heavens indeed smiled favorably at him. In his last moments of losing consciousness, Gray heard the system's emotionless voice.Ding!~[Congratulations, Host. Please stand by while the system upgrades the host's body. The host is about to be awakened.]Hahahhahahahahhahah~Him? An Awakener? Worth it!... It was all worth it!Gray finally fainted with a large grin on his bloodied face. It wasn't till 6 AM that Gray woke. Snacking his lips and almost choking on the harmless mutated green bugs in the dumpster, Gray had his first meal for the day.Pleh!~So disgusting. It tasted so bad. The routine garbage workers on the surface grounds were also shocked to see the young badly bruised boy jump out the bin. "What's going on? Bullied so much you have to sleep in a dumpster?""Go! Hey out of here kid! Or are you trying to steal valuable items for yourself? Dare to take our things in our turf?"Then many ga
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A Chaotic World
Oh My God! ('O') Gray had a new level of fear and respect for Spade who had given him so many points with a single throw. The others might not know, but before throwing him into the garbage bin, Gray definitely felt his bones snap, his legs twist and his body crippled. He was sure Spade wanted him to never use his arms or limbs again. It might seem like he was protecting Gray, but that bastard was also recharging a lesson for standing against Adler Gannon. Thanks to the evil villain, he was not only able to gain enough points to become an awakener but was also able to increase his strength, agility, physique, and even his Punching Bag armor body. Listening to their conversation, he understood that Spade didn't care if he was crippled. Provided he didn't die, it was all good since it didn't cause any major backlashes for the Gannon household. Just because they won't do it openly, doesn't mean he was safe in private. "I better continue pretending as though I'm limping or h
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Pah!Teacher Kang slapped a well-folded paper in his hands, watching the many people entering, knowing there were only 42 more seconds left before the gates closed.No way!He can't afford to be late. Even if he was truly crippled, he would still get punished. Don't you see the other injured people crawling on the ground to make it on time? [Humans before the Apocalyptic era]: ("_")... erm… aren't you all being a little too harsh here?.Not Good. Time was really running out for them!As if this was some blockbuster movie, many people felt the same, squinting their eyes and kicking their feet with every muscle in their body.~Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock. The imaginary clocks in their brains began ticking as many grabbed others in their way, pushing them back.Hell!Others even jumped over the fallen, with some stepping on their bodies for a bigger boost. Yes!They believed they could fly, and fly they did with some somersaulting forward like assassins. "Move, dammit! None of you are go
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Watchful Eyes
(~-_-~) Teacher Kang had even more black lines on his face, watching the already madly injured and soaked Gray stand from the fountain's pond, turning his butt to face everyone while placing his hands on his ears to mock them. Why didn't he notice how shameless Gray was? What was he? 3? Even a 3-year-old could act better than him. "Lalalalalalalalalalalala~... I'm safe, I'm safe, you all cannot hit me, you all cannot touch me, I'm safe I'm safe, I'm fucking safe, so you can all kiss my ass!" Teacher Kang was amazed at how one person had the ability to anger the masses. Everyone who was about to receive punishment had fiery eyes that for a moment glowed an imaginary red and evil hue. Their fists were clenched and even the ordinary people had a menacing aura that was hard to miss. Their hairs were standing up in fury and Teacher Kang felt that should he throw Gray from the fountain into the masses, he might be beaten to death, eaten alive, and even his bones boiled in a broth
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All Eyes On Him
Spade would have found it all suspicious if not for the boy's painful cries when walking alone with 'no one' around.Every little step looked like he was walking on nails as tall as trees. At times, he even heard the boy curse his ill fate for meeting him last night. The boy also went on and on about wanting to walk straight someday too. He cursed and resented the heavens as if they were the ones who injured him. This alone proved his actions last night were proficient. It can only be seen that due to the boy's extraordinary endurance levels, he was able to pretend to be strong in front of others and swallow his pain quietly, probably not wanting others to further look down on him.Heh. Spade tapped his fingers on the balcony rails rhythmically, his eyes growing colder with disgust. "He does have a high endurance level, but that's all there is to it. With his capabilities and lowly spirit score, he won't become anything else other than an underground worker, keeping this bloody s
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Strange Powers
Here we go again. Stepping into his class, Gray suddenly felt he was being targeted by the whole world. "Gray Ravenleaf! Stop for me!"The sexy Teacher Han roared with undisguised disgust."Trash like you is still coming late despite your capabilities?""But--" "Shut up!" Miss Han threw a piece of chalk violently at his desk, causing a deep hole on its surface. "You still dare to quibble? Stand up on your desk for me!"Miss Han hated poor people the most, talk less of those without talent!It was one to be poor, but now, you also have no talent, then what's the use of you?If she were the one, she would just jump over a building and end it all.Pushing flicking her luscious green hair, she moved her seductive body across the aisle, toward Gray. The green aura she released was no joke, as it particularly choked Gray. Gray felt an invisible force strangling his neck. The feeling was very uncomfortable.Everyone also chuckled in excitement, wanting to watch the good show that was a
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