Reborn in another world

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Reborn in another world

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Zhi Ruo, was a person who dabbled with a lot of things. She stole and cooked with the same hands. She made an astronomical amount of money, and made her company from scratch. She designed, invested, crafted, invented, healed and killed. All for the sake of what? Nothing. Because she can, because others cannot. For the sake of living, she will, for the sake of trying, for the sake of her own self satisfaction. Because she was an immortal among mortals. And as if there was some sick being out there, she went from a puzzle that could not fit. Into a person who was ostracized by everyone, and yet she felt the sense of belonging.

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  • Zhartrest Asher


    looking forward to more of zhi rou's tricks

    2022-10-16 21:57:10
  • Grump Py


    great story needs more chapters

    2022-10-03 18:31:53
  • Treat Trick


    chapter 27 is double

    2022-04-05 12:35:13
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286 chapters
 A dancing silhouette could be seen flying across the raining valleys. Wait, no not dancing, fighting should be the exact term. It seems to be fighting an invisible force, blow by blow resounded in the empty and wet valley, the wind and rain were blown of by the vigorous action of the silhouette. An open palm strike struck out in the empty space, it seemed to have hit something. It was then followed by a loud resounding crash, in front of the palm on the ground laid a huge crater. And inside that huge crater has a huge hole. "Open palm technique, basic 1.." the figure said, it's voice soothing, angelic and godlike, like an immortal speaking from the sky. Making one wanting to hear more.  "Zhi Ruo! You damn wench!...I'll...get you... next ti-" a laud screeching noise pierced through the air before it suddenly stopped, the owner of the voice finally made itself visible laying inside the giant crater.
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Chapter 1
  :::Zhi Ruo disappeared only to re-apear on a whole new universe.::: _____________________________________ Zhi Ruo's POV The searing headache was not yet dissolved, even after that strange flash of light. The light sucked me in before I could even go to my dimension. I let out an audible groan and sat up.  I let my hands wonder around me, seeing that I can't open my eyes yet without flinching. I felt a flimsy clothe covering me and my weakened body. I opened my eyes to try and reach for the phone to call my secretary. When the sight greeted me was a rundown ceiling, holes littered the flimsy wood. I was surprised was an understatement, I was panicking, losing my composure. I bolted from the place where I have been laying, but before I could register anything. Memories flashed through my mind, memories that aren'
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Chapter 2
  ::: ["There's a difference between arrogance and confidence"] ::: ______________________________________ Zhi Ruo's POV I don't need to do any of that work, I can just do things my way, my style. But this body can't handle that right now, even by just going inside the lotus dimensions I can already feel my Qi almost empty. My body is doing well though, this was due of my will of course. If I was any other person, I would have already succumbed and faint.  I can only get some low grade water stones I have at hand. They require almost no Qi to activate and one of those pebble like Stone can fill up the tub that I'm gonna be using. I gather up of what's remaining of my Qi and pulled two brightly blue rocks, stones if I rephrase. I can feel my vision starting to blur just by pulling out two low grade rocks. I
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Chapter 3
  ::: [ If you can do it slow then you could do it fast.] ::: _____________________________________ Third POV Zhi Ruo quickly snatched the bowl of soup and the plate of shuǐzhǔ ròupiàn (Sichuan Pork). Her hands agile and her moves smooth without delay she had already wrapped up the dish and was bolting out of the window. Her white dress fluttered by the cold wind of the night, clicking her tongue in annoyance when she heard the loud voices coming from entrance. She quickly tumbled on the soft ground from below. "Who told you to leave the food and present yourselves in front of the Masters ah! You didn't even have an ounce of shame! Dirty servants!" The loud voice of the head steward rang through the hallway leading to the kitchen. She could hear the clear sound of a rod hitting
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Chapter 4
  :::[Patiently]::: ______________________________________ Zhi Ruo's POV As the maid was talking to Ya Ren, I was already inside the room . I was unnoticed, right now due to the fact that I had just poisoned her back in the dining room, her Cultivation is slowly diminished, swiftly I threw the hair needle on her spinal cord this way not only would she receive the double poison Everytime she lays down her back would ache as if she had been flogged a hundred times. Thinking about it for a bit I also targeted the maid that was accompanying her. "Second Xiaojie should not worry, that slut would be dead sooner or later, and then would you claim the Noble title as the first Xiaojie." Unexpectedly this maid of Ya Ren's is quite a boot licker. Suddenly Ya Ren's face turned bitter. "Are you saying that this miss is worrying?? Are you looking down
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Chapter 5
  ::: ["I do a thing called what I want."] ::: ______________________________________ Zhi Ruo's POV Is it another woman perhaps? Judging at how the servants limp on her feet. Her expression was viciously sneering every step on the way to the door of this miss's courtyard. That vicious sneer on her face seems to support that she was just beaten up and is looking for something to beat for her anger to dissolve. I tilted my head as she jumped at every flutter of a wind, as if their is a ghost waiting to eat her. The jump had slightly revealed some nail marks on her neck. Liu Su Yang wouldn't be the one who have done that, she has the tendency to flog a servant to submitting. Saying that a servant isn't even worth for her to get her hands dirty. Judging from that, maybe this isn't related to Liu Su Yang? But Liu Su Y
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Chapter 6
Date published:     ::: ["Smiling at someone who hates you cause you're a vicious little bitch."] :::   _________________________________     Zhi Ruo's POV     I looked around, I have done what the best I could at the moment to make this room at least look a bit decent and not look like some beggar chose to live in a abandoned courtyard. But the more that I think about it, the past owner of this body truly has Terrible luck. The aftermath of her just leaving, and me replacing her also made me want to laugh.   On the first day there was a man trying to rape and kill me, on the second day just when I just done meditating. Their is already a servant trying to kill me with poison. Truly, I have a very bad luck.   I sat on my knees beside the bed, and closed my eyes yet again. This time I searched through the
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Chapter 7
Date published:   ::: [ "I've never been the first to march to into the light, never been the first to be the one who defends. Never been the first to act righteously.   Yet I was the very first who held darkness on my own hands, the first to feed it. And the first to tame it." ] :::   __________________________________       Humming as I start to cut the threads of the dresses and clothes with my silver needle. A sudden thought came into mind.   The system.   If the system is what I really think it is, like the ones I read on daily basis on my phone. Then wouldn't it help me level up like those games? I never had played games like those, but I have always read some novels about them. And most of the stories I read would have the same situation like me.   Though, the Heroine of those stories would
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Chapter 8
Date published:   ::: [" I'm gonna stop you right there... don't you fuckin approach me." ] :::   ___________________________________________   The figure of Zhi Ruo covered from head to toe with a Cloak, left Liu Qi Sen's room without making a single noise. The servants stationed outside the room yawed unaware what disaster would befall them after Zhi Ruo's actions.   Zhi Ruo's heels didn't even make a sound as she padded along the neatly trimmed grass on the courtyard. She easily bypassed guards that were doing their rounds and was able to stealthily slip outside the Liu Fu. Although her actions were sluggish due to the fact that she had used up most of her reserves. She was successful in getting out.   Once outside of the Liu estate, she followed a carriage with markings of the Liu Fu's kitchen. The late owner of this body was scared, very scared. So scared to
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Chapter 9
Date published:    ::: [Even god can't change the past.] :::   __________________________________________   Such a high-key person had taken an interest to Zhi Ruo's hidden figure. His cunning smile on his face had been apparent on his face for quite a while. While the ladies swoon at his looks, he got closer to Zhi Ruo.   That angelic person was surprised how small the mysterious figure was up close. He was a head taller said person. And was instantly curious as to who Zhi Ruo was.   Zhi Ruo who was looking at the person who was readying the equipments for cutting the stone. Was instantly alerted at the presence who sneaked up behind her. Although it wasn't noticable, but Zhi Ruo's eyes that had the jade eyes activated was observing the person behind her. She took a step back the moment that person decided to stand by her side.   It was
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