It's morning, I just got up from bed and I haven't even looked into the mirror. I haven't been taken care of myself lately as a woman bearing a child in her stomach should. I stand with my loose garment in front of the mirror and I place my hand gently on my stomach and I sigh. I reach for the wooden cup which contains water from last night, resting on the table and I gulp down the water in it.

The cup slips off my hand as the door flings open and I'm startled. It is Varia. She has a fierce look on her face and she seem like she has a lot in her heart to pour out.

She has not spoken a word ever since she entered, she has only been glaring at me.

“You know, there is a door before a room for a reason,” I say to her, turning back to the mirror —still placing my hand on my stomach.

“That wouldn't be your door if Nika was here. Why are you taking everything away from her?” She asks.

“That was harsh young lady. Me taking over Nika’s r
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