I Got The Limitless Destiny System

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I Got The Limitless Destiny System

By: ZNulika CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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William's life as an orphan has been miserable since childhood. His life didn't change until adulthood; cheated on by his girlfriend, humiliated, fired from his job, and evicted by his landlord. However, his life changed after obtaining the Limitless Destiny System which allowed him to change his destiny to become whoever he wanted.

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  • Priyanka Cholet


    this is a good book

    2023-10-26 20:31:01
  • Zee Anulika


    so far I like this kinda story. Mainstream theme, but I love it

    2023-12-09 10:29:46
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173 chapters
This Must be A Nightmare
William had been smiling at the memory of his girlfriend, Selena. He couldn't wait to see her once he finished work. For two weeks, Selena had been vacationing on a tropical island abroad with her friends. Today was the day of her return. Too bad William couldn't pick her up at the airport because he had to work.Tonight would be a historic night for Willian and Selena. William picked up the blue velvet box that was in his apron pocket. When the box was opened it revealed a ring with a sparkling gem. It wasn't a diamond ring, but William was sure Selena would love it because it wasn't just a gift, it was a binding when he proposed to her.According to William, it was time for him and Selena to commit and get married. They had been dating for a year and living together in his apartment for six months. Maybe for some people, one year is very short. However, William feels that he and Selena already love each other very much. So, why would they delay a good thing like marriage.Besides wo
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Betrayal and Broken Heart
Selena and Tom are making passionate love before William comes to interrupt them. Tom quickly put on his boxers, while Selena wrapped a blanket around her body before getting out of bed."What are you standing there for? You should have left as soon as you found out that Tom and I were making love. You ruined my beautiful night." Selena gave William an annoyed look.William wasn't dreaming. His heartache was very real. Selena, the woman he loved so much that he had given everything to, had completely betrayed him."I should have asked you what you were doing with that man!" William shouted, venting all his pent-up emotions.Selena rolled her eyes. "No need to shout like that, I'm not deaf. Just so you know, he's my new boyfriend Tom. We met on vacation and I had a great time with him there.""You went on vacation with my accommodations, Selena. I saved up for months to fulfill that wish of yours. All the money you spent on your vacation was my money. How come when you're there, you ch
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Losing Everything
Ronald, who was not far from the scene of the dispute, approached William and Andre. "Why are you fighting here? Don't you realize that you're ruining the image of this restaurant?"Andre immediately bowed to Ronalad. "I'm sorry, Sir. I only reprimanded William because a customer complained about his service. It seems like he had some problems with his girlfriend, so he wasn't really concentrating on his work. Maybe he should just take a break, let me do his work."Everything Andre said was a lie, but Ronald seemed to believe it."He's not telling me that, Sir. He lied." William defended himself because he didn't want Ronald's judgment to be bad for him."No need to defend yourself, William. I have already reprimanded you. Look, once you make trouble today, I will fire you on the spot. You should be grateful that I kept you here. Instead of behaving yourself, you have the nerve to lie to me. You called earlier that you couldn't come to work because you were sick, but it turns out you
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Limitless Destiny System
William circulated his gaze to see the details of the holographic room, while searching for the source of the voice that had just greeted him. He had no idea what was happening and how he came to be in the fund. He pinched his face."Ouch, that hurts!" he whimpered softly.He wasn't dreaming.[Congratulations, you have been selected as the owner of the Limitless Destiny system. In this system you will be asked to choose the destiny you wish to live]William's brow furrowed, turning his body to look for the person who spoke. "Who are you?"[I am the admin who will connect you as a Host with the Limitless Destiny system]"I don't understand. Why exactly am I here? Return me to my place!" William shouted.[As I explained earlier, you are currently the chosen one to be the owner of the Limitless Destiny system. By owning this system you can become anyone you want, unlimited by role, name, country, and more]William raised one of his eyebrow. He was starting to get curious about the system
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The New Girlfriend
William continued his pace, looking right and left at the shops he passed. There might be a shop that needed workers, so he could apply. It didn't matter what kind of job it was, as long as he could earn money to survive.After walking for a while, William arrived at the electronics store where he worked before. He thought that it was possible that the store hadn't found a replacement for him yet. Some of the store's customers looked disgustedly at William, they turned up their noses and quickly walked away."Gosh, what the hell is that? What would a poor person like him come to this electronics store for? It looks like he can't even buy food.""When did he leave here? He's disgusting!"The store's customers began to comment because they were uncomfortable with the arrival of William who looked so bad and had wet clothes. Despite knowing that the shop customers were uncomfortable, William was forced to endure the stares because he had to meet the shop owner."What did you come here fo
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Send My Regards
William was still wearing his white bathrobe when he came out to the pool. He swallowed when he saw Noah wearing a two piece bikini with a tiger print lying on a sun lounger. He stared at Noah starting from her long legs. Her thighs formed fine lines on each side which were her muscle lines. The small piercings in her navel, then up to her cleavage were clearly visible. He still couldn't believe that a woman as beautiful as a Greek goddess was his girlfriend.Noah, who noticed William's arrival, raised her sunglasses to her head. Her long flowing hair was brought to her left shoulder, then smiled while waving to William."Babe, why are you standing there? Come here! Didn't you say you wanted to swim with me?" called Noah.Although still nervous, William walked over to Noah. He could clearly hear his rapid heartbeat, especially when he started sitting near Noah.Noah shook his head looking at William. "You're not going swimming in that bathrobe, are you, Babe?"William didn't answer, h
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Auction Charity Event
The charity event organized that night was an auction of some famous items. Based on the theme, every invitee wore a mask because after the auction, there would be a masquerade ball. William stood in front of the mirror in his walk-in closet. He stared at his reflection in awe, as if he didn't recognize himself.William is wearing a white tuxedo and black pants. A black bow tie was around his neck. His side-parted hair looked shiny. His firm jaw was more prominent, as was his chin that was parted in the middle. He turned his head after seeing Noah's reflection behind him. And he could only remain silent as he looked at Noah who was wearing a long rose gold dress with a low-cut cleavage that was parted at the sides up to her thighs. Her long hair was in a bun and a few curly locks were left loose to accompany her bangs.Noah tucked her hair behind her ear. "What do you think?""Beautiful. Very pretty. I've never seen a woman more beautiful than you," William complimented.Noah blinked
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Your Poor Ex
"Ladies and gentlemen who have participated in the auction, we thank you. All the money raised tonight will be donated entirely to those in need. We'll see you next year at an even bigger event," said the host. "Please move to the ball room we have prepared next door. Enjoy the real party."The invited guests applauded briefly, then some began to stand up as they were about to move to the larger venue where the evening's party would continue. Aside from having fun and reuniting with old acquaintances, the party was also meant to develop connections among business people. That was exactly what Tom was going to do.Tom had been trying to locate William's whereabouts. He had to get a chance to make a connection with the owner of Emerald Corp. If he managed to approach him and get a contract, his father would be proud of him. He would also get the support of the shareholders to be trusted as his father's successor as CEO of their company.Selena grabbed Tom's arm as he stood up. She notic
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Sycophants and Outcasts
"You're in a really good mood today," said Noah, grabbing William's arm as they walked towards the ballroom.William's brow furrowed, though a slight smile played on his lips. "Oh yeah? Probably because you're so pretty today."Noah rested her head on William's shoulder and smiled so broadly that her rabbit-like teeth showed. "I always love your sweet talk."William's smile widened, not only because of Noah's words, but also because he remembered Tom complimenting him. He couldn't imagine how Tom and Selena would react once he took off his mask."This is the first time I've been to a party like this in person," William said once they were at the door of the ballroom and a waiter opened the door for them."It's just a party of pleasantries where people compete to make connections with influential people in the country," Noah explained. "We just need to respond to them with a smile. Usually people who are too friendly are just sycophants who come when they need to."William turned to Noa
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Forget About The Past
"Mr. William Smith, we meet again," Tom said, reaching out to shake hands with William.William just stared at Tom's hand, then smiled. After his hand hung without reply, Tom withdrew it again and forced a smile. Inwardly he was very annoyed with William, but he still tried to be friendly because he needed him."I heard that this year is your first time participating in this charity event. So am I, so I'm still a little confused," Tom said, showing enthusiasm in his voice.William just nodded slowly, showing no interest at all in Tom's words."Oh right, Miss Alexander. I'm the director of operations at MnF company, you were once our company's model. Maybe you forgot, but we used to have lunch together." Tom exaggerated to Noah because he felt that William was not that interested in him.Noah shook her head slightly, then said, "Oh, really? It seems that I modeled for MnF's sofa products, but sorry, I don't remember you at all."Although Tom was wearing a mask, Noah actually still reme
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