My Face Slapping System in The Tycoon World

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My Face Slapping System in The Tycoon World

By: TheRichTycoon OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Peter Crox saw his whole life fall into ruin when he was denied the scholarship he worked hard for, on top of that, his girlfriend for whom he'd made countless sacrifices suddenly showed up in an expensive sports car with another man. When things seemed to have hit rock bottom he suddenly received a face-slapping tycoon system. From being an average nobody, Peter embarked on a journey to reach the pinnacle.

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15 chapters
Chapter One
"Your admission has been revoked Mr. Crox, please leave the university premises." Peter Crox, an ordinary guy working hard to earn a better life stood shocked in the Grimland university admission office as he was immediately sent out even before he could get the chance to start studying."What? But I just received an acceptance email a few days ago." He couldn't accept it, Grimland university was his only chance at changing his life, however he was also losing that opportunity?The admission officer sneered, "Do you think someone like you is worthy of studying at this university? Just take a look at yourself, only wealthy families can afford to get to study at this institution. Our professors are all the best in the country, would they waste their precious time teaching scum like you? You should consider yourself lucky for even getting the chance to step foot into this building, leave now before I call security to send you out!"Peter's attire looked worn and old, the admission offic
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Chapter Two
"Why are you standing there staring into space like a fool? If you don't lick my shoes this instant, I might just change my mind. You wouldn't want your little sister to remain crippled forever! If she grows up to be a wasted cripple with no future, you have yourself to blame, but at least she won't be completely useless, I know some really good adult movie directors who can arrange some dirty gigs for her to earn some bucks to sustain your lowly lives."Just as Peter was contemplating how real the system that just sounded in his head was, Joey's obnoxious voice once again reached his ears. Peter was immediately ticked off at the insult to his little sister, his eyes turned red and he rushed forward. Landing several punches onto Joey's handsome face before anyone could stop him.However, a few guys were quick to come pull him away but Joey still couldn't get away from having a bleeding nose again."Bastard, how dare you hit me?!""The next time you insult my sister, I'll break every b
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Chapter Three
In order to test it out and confirm that he wasn't actually dreaming, Peter walked to the nearest ATM machine he could find as he didn't even have a single penny on him to commute. After walking for half an hour he finally found an ATM machine, pulling out his old rusty looking card from his pocket, he inserted it into the machine and typed in a withdrawal of $100,000.He had just wanted to test it out without much hope, for all he knew his mind might be playing tricks on him due to the hopelessness of his life, however in a few seconds, the ATM machine began to gush out cash that made his jaw drop.Peter almost felt the need to slap himself, perhaps he'd wake up from this dream."I'm not dreaming, the system is actually real." Peter jumped feeling ecstatic.This was the opportunity of a lifetime, and with this he would make sure to reverse his fate. No one would look down on him from this moment on, no one would dare to insult his sister from this moment on.It was the first time Pet
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Chapter Four
In accordance to the promise Peter made to Lisa, when they got into a cab, he immediately asked the driver to take them to the paradise hotel in the city. It was an incredibly large and tall building that seemed to reach up to the sky. Getting to the reception, the guy behind the desk looked at Peter strangely along with the girl he was carrying in his arms. Peter knew the man was about to look down on him, so before he could even speak, Peter dropped cash on the desk."I'd like the best suite to spend the night please."The receptionist who was about to tell Peter off, seeing the cash immediately changed his expression, "Certainly sir. Please come with me."Peter was led to the most opulent looking room he'd ever seen in his life. Lisa was amazed by such a setting, she couldn't stop looking around.That evening was the most memorable Peter had ever had in his life. Eating luxury meals ordered from room service, taking a bath in a jacuzzi.However, the next morning, Peter got up bri
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Chapter Five
*Ding!**Host has spent more than ten million in a day, 20 points has been received. Points can be used to purchase skills and better body condition.**Host: Peter Crox*Balance: $100,450,000,000*Body: 10 (weak)*Mind: 25 (normal)*Points: 20*Skill: None (Can be added using points)Harry was stumped. In just a few minutes, uniformed men had arrived at the golden villas. Elite places like the golden villas was a top priority location for the authorities because only the highest ranking people in society stayed there, hence they always dispatched people to rush there in just a few minutes. "We were called to come arrest a thief causing a scene." One of the police men said as they arrived at the lobby. Mr Phillips was shivering at this point, this was their biggest customer all year. No one had been able to afford unit one.Landville was a D ranked city, there were wealthy people who stayed there, but not as wealthy as all the other high ranked cities. Someone who could take out a h
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Chapter Six
Peter stepped down from the cab and hurried towards the entrance of the tall Grandview bank building, however he was immediately stopped by the guards."Go through the second entrance, this entrance is for VIP guests only." The guard yelled with a stoic expression.Peter glanced at the second entrance, it had a long line of people waiting to walk into the bank."The person I'm here to meet told me to come in through this entrance." Peter explained but the guard frowned sizing Peter up. Taking in his disheveled appearance, the guard sneered."Just look at yourself, do you even think you're capable of going through this entrance, you're obviously cooking up a story just to make me let you in.""I'm really not cooking up a story, Miss Cynthia told me to go in through here...""Hmph, just because you know the name of the branch manager doesn't mean I'l let you in. Let me tell you, I've seen many bums like you before, most of you are just here to try your hands at something to steal, guys
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Chapter Seven
Everyone's mouths hung open."This..." Cynthia hesitated after she reigned in her shock. "I'm afraid this might not be the best decision Mr Crox.""Why do you say that?" Peter queried."Please come with me to my office so we can discuss this further." Cynthia ushered Peter in politely.Seeing them going in Daniel was about to follow suit too. He seemed to have lost his tongue after hearing Peter's identity and what he planned to do.If this guy was such a big shot that could set to purchase the stocks to the highest price, he better steer clear of him. Daniel planned to rush in and join the auction before Peter would shock everyone by just making the purchase. And in another corner of his mind, he didn't believe Peter was capable enough to make the purchase.The starting bid for the stocks were a hundred million dollars which would give the buyer 45% shares into the project with an estimated profit of 15 billion dollars a month throughout the duration of the project, which meant the b
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Chapter Eight
Half an hour later, within the large conference room in the Grandview bank. Several big businessmen in Landville were gathered.A lot of them were middle aged men in their late forties to their early fifties, the younger people present were mostly women who came as escorts to some of the businessmen and the sons who were nothing but heirs to companies already built by their fathers.Everyone was here with the same goal in mind, to purchase the Vangham stocks, a small share in a temporary project by the Winters corporation.The auctioneer who was a representative from Winters corporation stood on the podium along with Cynthia Lane with a large projection screen behind them. "Welcome to Grandview bank, it is our honor to hold the long awaited auction for the Vangham stocks, a highly profitable project planned for the past five years by the renowned Winters corporation. I believe everyone is fully aware of the rules, only the highest bidder will purchase the shares making an investment
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Chapter Nine
A tall man was standing at the entrance, his lean body wearing a fitting Randell85 bespoke suit that exuded pure luxury. Everyone present knew that a Randell85 suit wasn't easy to purchase. Only the wealthiest and most influential men could afford such attire. The man had a regal bearing that made everyone subconsciously conclude that he must have a remarkable identity making them curious about him, however when they all gazed at his face they frowned, their curiosity unsatisfied. The man had a black mask covering half of his face leaving only his attractive lips visible, the accessory seemingly infused with gold carvings adding to the air of luxury the man exuded.The mysterious aura oozing from him made everyone even more curious."Who is that young man?""I don't think I've ever seen him before.""Since he's here, he must be a businessman too, but I've never seen or heard of him anywhere.""Why is his face hidden? Could it be that his identity is that terrifying?" The men within
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Chapter Ten
It wasn't just his appearance that had changed, he felt his mind become sharper and smarter as well.Things immediately started piecing together in his head, and when he thought about his decision to purchase the Vangham stocks. His instincts sharply protested.Peter's eyes glinted with understanding and he went on to get dressed in the suit Daniel had bought. When he emerged from the room he'd entered to change, Daniel who was waiting for him outside looked stunned as if he was staring at a ghost."You..." He couldn't make any words. It was as if the pauper he'd met just a few seconds ago had undergone a drastic change instantly.Perhaps that poor appearance was indeed a disguise."I'd like to keep my identity hidden, I don't want anyone to recognize me. Can you get me a little accessory to keep my face hidden." Peter asked. For some reason, seeing Peter again, Daniel no longer doubted his identity. This guy was indeed not so simple, he might have just hit a jackpot meeting someone
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