Catching the Wind

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Catching the Wind

By: Natashia_Lou OngoingFantasy

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“Look at the ground! Those are yer brothers, yer kin, the men who have fought by yer side since day one! Must ye keep this up? Must ye hold to the false words of a deviant King?” ~Captain Bartholemue Nikolas Wingsward Saving a dragon, fighting a battle, and dealing with a drunk witch was never ment to be easy for Nikolas. If you add in a misplaced woman from the future, you can never guess what's going to happen next.

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  • Natashia_Lou


    I will be revamping this story for a better reading experience soon. I know the dialog can get a bit hard to follow on the dialect change, so I will be working on that also. Please hang in there, and once the battle has come and gone, the adventure really begins!

    2022-09-19 10:45:12
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49 chapters
Safe Moment
“Hurry now lad, though we have yet to be discovered, tis still a chance they will catch on.” Nikolas said as Caspian mounted one of the horses they had waiting just inside the outer gate of the castle. Nikolas was there to rescue the young dragon. Caspian blended in mostly when he was in human form other than the blaze orange hair and bright green eyes. So, sneaking him out with a brown cloak was easy, but it was Nikolas whom the guards would recognize. “They be comin! Head out with the lad, I’ll stay back and fend em off!” Barreth yelled to the captain as he came running from the guard house towards the outer gate. The handful of men coming after Barreth stopped as 3 of them drew their arrows, and one after another they shot towards Barreth and Nikolas. Barreth was hit but the arrow didn’t pierce all the way through his armor. “Nay, we leave together!” Caspian yelled from atop the horse. Nikolas ran towards the ropes holding the portcullis up. He waited until Barr
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Word had reached back to the camp that Hagthoria was located and with some free ale, she agreed to Nikolas’s request. This was good news, as he wasn’t sure how much time they would have before the King would send for reinforcements from the borders. The men that abandoned the King would out match the Kings total combined forces that were left, as long as they returned to camp when called. Nikolas felt at ease with this, certain they would back for the battle when called. Even with the thought of him dying on the battlefield, the young dragon could soon be safe as well. Darkness had come again and the camps were in full swing with discussing plans for the upcoming battle. They knew the lay out of the land would either work for them or against them. The giant field between the castle and the forest was the perfect spot. With a hilly range on both sides of it and the forest at their back, they could keep the entire thing contained in that rocky field. Nikolas was sullen though
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"Omph, COUGH, I was merely taking a nibble, no need for that! I had to catch the wind beneath my hooves in order to make it here as fast as ye requested, can not an old man simply relax and enjoy a bite?" the wizard responded. "Ye be a gluttonous fool, if it wasn't for me, the last bit of magic ye'd have in those old bones would be nothin good but for manure." the witch responded, very tipsy. "I just happen to let ye help, my dear, as yer very tipsy from the 4 pints of ale ye’d consumed before we took off. Ye cannot control yer magic, elsewhere I may have ended up handsome steed instead of that bag of bones ye’d made me." The wizard spat back at her, and the air started to crackle and spark as they faced each other. Captain Nikolas could see that both had too much to drink and a fight between them was about to ensue, so he decided to step in. "Come now, we be friends here, all of us. There tis a larger enemy bitin at our heels other side of that hill out there. We should dis
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"Still yer self, boy, we will get this figured out." After telling this to Caspian with a sense of determination, he turned to the wizard who was just standing there taking it in. He was stroking his long yellow tinged beard with a wrinkled forehead. "It wasn't I, I can assure ye. I was merely feeling for energy when that nasty curse kicked me out. I have only heard of one incident along my travels that involved a curse like this." Saying it out loud to the group hovered by Caspian, the wizard bent down to talk to Caspian, he pulled his hands gently from his face as Caspian lifted his fair freckled face up to look at him with gold green eyes. "Boy, now listen to me, ye will fly, I will make damned sure of it, but first, I must hear details of yer actions, places, and people ye have met. Any Fae fold ye may have come to know. We must find the start of this, and continue from there. The magic played upon ye is Fae, for that I am certain." Caspian just listened to the wizard's words
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"It'd be just a moments time, and it be ready." The witch turned back to the magic after getting a nod from Nikolas. She had used most of her energy to focus, but the alcohol was really starting to hit her now. Closing her eyes she took the focus off of standing straight and focused on the words. The swirl of the smoke made her dizzy, and she knew one wrong word and all hell could break loose. She didn't need a demon suddenly popping in to say hello. After closing her eyes though she suddenly started to sway, she had one hand gripping for dear life on the cane while the other was splayed out at the clearing trying to contain the magic that arrived. Feeling her shift beside him, the wizard was also trying to contain the magic with his hand stretched out at the clearing. The rain beat around them as lightning started flashing in the clouds above them. He knew it was almost time. Soon they would direct the dragon to stand in the magic swirling before them. He reached out wit
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She stared for a moment. Her brain did a fantastic job she thought. He really looked like a knight. His hair sat right below his shoulders, a bit dirty, but a nice color of dark caramel and chocolate. He had a broad face accompanying a chiseled jaw and chin. His eyes were possibly hazel or just a light brown sitting on each side of a strong nose. His skin was weathered and a thin, short, scar ran down the left side of his face. He was dressed in what looked like tarnished amour. His arms were thick, muscular, being crossed over a wide chest. She thought she should make it into one of 'those' dreams, with this look, she could really enjoy it. Nikolas noticed her eyeing him while he got a clearer look at her. "Fantasy? Women, ye are in our camp, be weary of what fantasies are going on in me men's heads at this moment." Saying this caused her to stop staring at him and look around. He could tell from her face and cocky attitude she may really think this a dream. The wizard
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After making sure she was covered and warm, he stood and headed out of the tent. A handful of soldiers were hovered together looking over in the direction of the Nikolas's tent. They were talking about the woman who just popped out of the smoke. One soldier was using his hands to describe her figure and the men laughed and nodded in agreement. "Now that the knights have no King, have thee become ruffians? Bandits? Tasteless thieves who pillage and rape!?" Nikolas said this with distaste when he walked over and scuffed the nearest soldier on the back of the head. "Keep yer words and thoughts to yer self. We are yet unsure who she be and what she be about. Until then, avoid looking at her till I say differently! Hear me?" His thunderous tone could be heard echoing for miles. He didn't take kind to disrespecting women he didn't know, but once he crossed that line, he knew what kind of animal he could be as well. A sudden ruckus could be heard coming through the trees towards
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Nikolas let loose a gut filled laugh as he put his hands on the Lieutenants shoulders. "Ye were out only a handful of hours. Rest, our guest is passed out as ye were." The moment Nikolas said this, a scream could be heard from outside the tent. It wasn't the scream of the witch, but of a younger woman. He looked at Barreth's confused face and winked. "Our new guest has apparently woken as well. Rest, I will be back." With those words he left the tent to see what the fuss was about. Waking up and realizing she was not in fact dreaming at home, but awake, here in this reality, Ally couldn't help but be scared. Peeking out the tent, she noticed the sword leaning on a branch helping support the tent. She had never held a sword before but holding it like a golf club couldn't possibly be any different, so she thought. Rushing out she had grabbed the sword to find herself almost tripping to the ground trying to lift it. When she finally got turned back around facing the camp,
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Ally looked at Nikolas as he spoke. She had too many questions to just sit and eat, but her stomach started protesting and rolling like thunder, so she obliged. Walking over to the log she could get a whiff of dirt, horse manure, some much needed deodorant, and some kind of roasted meat. Her stomached suddenly retracted in aversion. Turning to hand her some kind of burnt flesh skewered by a stick, Nikolas could see the disgust on her face. “Tis rabbit. Cooler season is among us so they no longer have worms.” Hearing him say this, Ally turned and started retching. The men sitting next to them looked on with confusion. “Do not like rabbit? Well, we only have rabbit, unless ye’d rather eat the grass instead?” Nikolas was at a loss and sarcasm was his way of dealing with it. He had never met someone who didn’t like rabbit. “No thanks. Look, where am I, who are you people, and what’s up with your English? How did I end up here to begin with? You obviously didn’t k
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Make Haste
(Trigger Warning) “WHERE IS SHE?” he billowed out. The men stopped talking, Hagthoria raised her head from twirling the leather tie on a soldier’s armor and looked around also. “Sh..she went to use the woods sir, she said it was an emergency, a 'woman' issue, wanted to relieve herself alone.” One of the men sitting nearest to where she previously sat, spoke. “WHICH WAY?” He yelled. Nikolas knew that scouts were afoot for the King, so he grabbed his scabbard and sword leaning on his tent as he dropped the pile of furs. Mumbling how the female was already a pain in his hind end and only having been there less than a day, he ran into the woods in the direction the soldier pointed. It was daylight, so Ally could see her way through the dense woods. She still wasn't a hundred percent she wasn't dreaming, but regardless she just couldn't take it anymore. Tricking the soldier that was keeping an eye on her was easy, at least they understood when a women needed privacy. He
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