p2 Chapter 21: Honor

“Alexa, Raya has bestowed this upon you. You are now officially one of us. As far as the king is concerned.. Meh, he does not need to know.  However, I have the ability to now grant you full authority as a god of war. You will not be subject to any authority except mine and Raya’s, and with this rank, you also now have authority second only to mine and the other gods of war.”

Alexa blanched, realizing just what was being bestowed upon her. “Are you sure?”

“It is not up to me. This is Raya.” He said calmly. “Now, It is time we get back to our own tasks in Durres. There is still plenty left undone there, and sadly we have new business to attend.”

Alexa remembered her dead wolves and nodded.

“Go ahead and load up. I will be out with Anika shortly.”

Alexa headed out, flanked as soon as she left the meeting hall by several wolves who had been waiting outside the doors.

When th

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