p2 Chapter 22: Dont mess with Alexa

Alexa unstrapped her blade and handed it to Andrew. Her wolf, Cole had been his name before he took on the designation of #2, handed over several blades as well. Nash checked the other soldiers to make sure they were not hiding any weapons.

Satisfied, Andrew glared at Tannis, but opted to let Alexa fix this herself. “Winner gets the title and honor. Loser is demoted. No weapons. Submission wins. BEGIN!”

The word begin had barely left Andrew’s lips when Alexa and Cole exploded. Alexa’s black hair billowed in the wind and she rushed forward, and then Cole powered before Her, arm out stretched. She caught hold of his arm and he swung her, tripling her speed and he added every bit of momentum he could to her flight. Alexa rocketed at the soldiers and flipped into a feet first attack at the last second, crashing into two soldier’s mid sections. They were rendered unconscious as they flew back, smashing into the side of a transport truck, the wi

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