The day had finally arrived—one that many were eagerly awaiting, some dreading, graduation.

As Wulf pulled up to the school, he looked around at all the balloons.

"Wow..." he whispered.

"Mr. Wulf!" A voice cried.

"Hey, Olivia!" He exclaimed as the girl ran over to him.

"You look ready!" He beamed.

"M-mm...!" She nodded enthusiastically.

"Say, have you gone to your classroom yet...?" She asked.

"No, why?" He frowned.

"Well..." Olivia blushed.

"Let's just say there are a few thank you presents some of us left for you..." She then giggled.

"You guys..." Wulf smiled.

"Olivia," he began.

"Can I just say how proud I am of you?" He said.

"E-eh...?" Olivia quickly looked up at him.

"It's been an honor to be your teacher and watch you blossom, you know..." Wulf said, smiling sadly.

"Thank you for all of the great efforts you've put in to get here..." He beamed.

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