( In a daring maneuver, Arin and his team infiltrate Rowan Merrick's chamber under the guise of allies, only to reveal themselves as Saren and his master. Shock ripples through the room as Liora, Rowan, Ethan, and Johan realize they've been deceived. Despite the betrayal, they stand united against their adversaries, refusing to be divided by the cunning ruse. Chaos erupts as Saren launches a vicious assault, his sinister laughter echoing off the chamber walls.

Amidst the turmoil, Rowan's voice cuts through the chaos, rallying his allies to stand strong against the darkness. Liora's eyes blaze with a mix of anger and determination as she tightens her grip on her weapon, vowing to protect her grandfather at all costs. Ethan and Johan join the fray, their resolve unyielding as they face the onslaught of attacks from Arin and his team.

The battle intensifies with each passing moment, the clash of steel and magic reverberating throughout the chamber. Arin's taunts only fuel the fury of his
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