Crash Of The Supernatural

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Crash Of The Supernatural

By: GHOSTWRITER OngoingFantasy

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Theodora, is an ancient ferocious witch who happens to be the most powerful witch that has ever lived on the shores of Hilton Bale, which is an ancient abandoned village that is encircled by a great sea. She strikes a deal with young Daniel who she assumes is a mere powerless mortal, having no idea that his identity is different from who he claims to be. A secret that even Daniel knows nothing about. With the deep motive of "I'll surely make you beg for your life while crawling on your knees," in their hearts, they battle fiercely with volatile hatred burning between them. But will fate have a twist on them, in spite of them blaming each other for the death of their loved ones? Can love actually be birthed out of hatred? Who is young Daniel? Will he be able to survive the evil enterprises of Theodora, the witch? All these and many more will be revealed in this mind-blowing novel. Do sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy.

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Tremendous thunderstorms resonated all over the arena followed by a series of flashes of lightning as a great downpour descended on the little village of Hilton Bale. The morning cries and howls of animals blazed all over as the sky released a great downpour on them. From a distance, running footsteps could be heard followed by heavy panting and screams. Cries of pain were so high in the air and blood kept spilling and splashing in it like a massive downpour. The whole arena was in great havoc as a female who had a deep scowl on her face scattered and destroyed things without mercy. A malicious aura surrounded her as she did things eyes ain't supposed to behold. In swift movements, she yanked off the heads of several mortals both young and old from their shoulders and took out their hearts, drinking their blood and eating their hearts so sweetly with a grin plastered on her face as if it was fresh red wines and bread for body rejuvenation."Spare us, witch! We did nothing to you!" O
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"Power is the best feeling in the world." Theodora soliloquized and permeated into her huge castle without unlocking the door. She strolled to her chamber and fazed in with an evil grin on her face. She stared around her flower-decorated chamber as if seeing it for the first time with admiration and smiled. The room alone screamed great power, dark magic, and authority. Ancient books and scrolls filled one part of the room followed by herbs. The scent of her chamber was enough to make anyone keep sneezing. But then to her, it was the best scent ever.Hung on the wall all over her room were dark uncompleted portraits which emitted a dark smoke like the one coming out of her body. Some of the images in the portraits had just heads while the sketch of their bodies were missing. Some had the sketch of the bodies while the heads were missing. Some were just hands while others were hearts and the rest were different parts of the body of both mortals and animals. There was only a full
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Morgan Marguerite sighed, tousled her hair, and shrugged off. "You know I had no choice, Theodora. There was no way I could've saved you and saved myself. You should be thankful that I gave my life in exchange for yours.""Yea, whatever," Theodora scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Save me the preaching and answer my question. Why are you here?""Ain't you overdoing your torture on them? Isn't it time for you to move on with your life and let the past be in the past?""It isn't, mother. I'm not yet satisfied. I'll never stop till every one of them dies.""I feel it's time to move on, daughter. Get a life of your own. Get a man. Make babies. Be happy and forget about the past.""Don't tell me that shit!" Theodora suddenly yelled and a great thunder rumbled. "I lost you! I lost father! I never felt motherly and fatherly love and you're asking this of me..." She paused, blowing in hiccups and with just a stare at the mirror hung on the wall it shattered."I know how you feel daughter...""No,
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"Relax, little Daniel, I mean you no harm. If I did, you wouldn't still be alive," Theodora whispered and smiled up at him.Daniel cursed incoherently and took steps backward. "You are a witch and your words are not to be trusted. By the way, I'm not little. Can you not call me that again?"Theodora chuckled and waved her hand in the air and a soft warm air began blowing around them. She took a thorough peek at Daniel and shook her head. "You're only but a kid to me, so I'll keep calling you little Daniel. You can't stop me, can you?"Daniel stared away from her without saying anything knowing that there wasn't anything in the world that can stop her from doing whatever she wanted and liked. He wrapped his arms across his chest not being able to stop his shivering body and kept looking around at every sound that chimed."I guess that's settled then, little Daniel. Let's take a walk. I kinda need company.""Why would I do that? I can't be seen walking around with a witch who does nothi
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"He really challenged her...""A mere mortal like us. Does he want to die...""A snap of her finger will send him to the afterlife. "Don't he value his life...""Perhaps he's tired of living...""I pity his parents and lover..." Murmurings from the people began echoing as they came out of their hideouts having known that Theodora already left. With horrified expressions on their faces, they watched as Daniel walked home not minding the heavy downpour. Noticing the prying eyes, Daniel raised his gaze, glanced at the people with a smile playing on his lips, and waved at them. Most of them waved back while others had disgustful looks on their faces and refused to wave back.The downpour intensified, drenching Daniel's clothes and he began shaking vehemently. Wrapping his arms protectively across his chest, he lowered his head and kept walking until he came before his cottage. Without wasting another second outside, he walked in and instantly, the great downpour stopped causing his eyes
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It's morning and the sky is glistening so brightly. Daniel and Daisy are cuddled up together as they rock bodies against each other's, enjoying the cool air brushing on their skins.Their night was one full of blazing hot sex sessions, which left them quivering in each other's arms. Daisy's moans were so loud in the air as Daniel kept pounding in and out of her wet hole in great ecstasy that she had to use his pillow to cover her mouth so that his parents wouldn't hear it. An action of hers that left not just both of them laughing but also Theodora, who never stopped watching them. Talking about Daniel's parents, the not-so-old couples have been hiding in their bedroom for days now. They hardly come out as they used to in the good old days because they are so afraid to die at this age and leave Daniel all to himself even though they know he is of age. They also advised Daniel not to ever go out. After all, they believe Theodora only kills those she sees outside but how surprising it
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Daisy, who felt the tension radiating from Daniel stood up and slipped her hand into his, squeezing it softly. Daniel glanced at her and she winked and smiled up at him. "Let me handle this," she mumbled only to his hearing and he bobbed but at the same time knew that she will be wasting her time. He had always known his parents to be overprotective and a bit strict, the angry aura around them to him is not one that can be quenched without shouts and curses.Daisy cleared her throat and made a quick cross sign. 'Can I do this? I should as I'm the one who pulled him into this shit' she thought and breathed in and out. "First of all, Good morning, dad. Good morning, mum." Daniel's parents made no sign as if they heard her and she sighed. "You both are mistaken, sir and ma'am. It was just a game we were playing." She patted her forehead and ran her hand through her hair knowing that her words made no sense to even her ears but yet hoped they would accept it.Ivan Anderson and his wife A
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"A father wants to hit his son?" Theodora asked in a voice like running horses and a great wind began hovering around. Series of lightning kept flashing and when it made like everything calmed down, she suddenly appeared, coated in a fire with a glistening crown on her head.The burning fire coming out of her lighted the whole arena and the people of Hilton Bale present bowed with their faces to the ground including Daniel's parents and lover who did even before others but Daniel refused to bow. He refused to show fear and clenched his fists. Glaring at Theodora, he made a quick sign and breathed in and out before taking a step towards her. Daisy noticed that he didn't bow and also felt his moving steps and shook her head whilst cursing incoherently. She raised her face a little and her jaws slacked. 'What does he think he is doing? Does he want to fight her? What the fuck is even wrong with him?' She thought and pulled him before he could go far but he refused to budge and flung he
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"You must be in good in counting to realize what just happened by just glancing at the corpses." Theodora smirked and her face suddenly darkened. She stared at him and shook her head. "You were not even afraid to touch and kiss my burning feet and didn't even bother to ask yourself why you're still breathing even though you're inside a raging fire. How pathetic."Daniel's face reddened at her words and at that instant a force left his body. He suddenly let out a yell and ran out, while caressing every part of his body due to how hot he was feeling. He kept running, not knowing where he was going and not so far from the people, he saw a swamp and jumped into it just to cool his skin.While in the water he began gasping for air as he couldn't swim out of it and began sinking but a bright light suddenly skyrocketed him out of the swamp and threw him a few steps away, leaving everyone stunned apart from Theodora who had a blank expression."I brought you out of that swamp because I don't
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The huge males holding Daniel left him as they sighted the stones in the hands of the people and ran into the crowd. The people created space for them and also gave them stones.Daniel detecting that he has been released, tried to run away, knowing that staying back would be the death of him but the people seeing through him fast enough, blocked him and formed a circle around him leaving him in the middle."Our hero wants to run." A female amid the crowd uttered teasingly and they all cackled and, began throwing both huge and little stones at Daniel, causing bruises all over his body.They stopped after a while and the huge males as if knowing why the people stopped, strolled to Daniel and stared deeply into his eyes."What did Theodora tell you when she stooped before you?" One of them asked, glaring at him."Nothing. She only picked up my head and dropped it back after staring at it. She didn't say anything," Daniel replied and spat out blood. He has never been a male to lie but at
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