Daggers of Love

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Daggers of Love

By: seunnzzy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Peter Campbell, a brilliant young man from a humble background, secures a scholarship to the exclusive Berrocks University, typically reserved for the elite. His dreams of bringing honor to his family are overshadowed when he falls in love with Angelica Richards, a beautiful girl from a wealthy family. Their relationship faces numerous obstacles, but how many daggers would they endure all because of Love.

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24 chapters
Peter's PerspectiveLove, often seen as a beacon of positivity, can also cast a shadow of negativity. It's a double-edged sword, capable of inflicting pain and disappointment. Love can be a perilous journey, and I was about to learn that firsthand."Please, enough already," I pleaded with my assailants, blood streaming from my swollen face. "I didn't hurt her. I swear."The accusations against me were false, a grim twist of fate. "Our intimacy was consensual because I loved her. What we shared was real. I would never harm her, never resort to such brutality."The leader of the prison gang, a sinister figure, sneered at me. "You're quite delusional, my friend. In what world do you think you're worthy of a girl like her? She's out of your league, and her family's wealth dwarfs yours. How long have you been living in a dream?"He clenched his fists, signaling an impending onslaught. I had been wrongfully sentenced to 20 years in prison for a crime I didn't commit. I was facing an insurmo
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A Shining Start
Peter Campbell, a name that resonated with prestige at Mercer Comprehensive College. Even though I hoped for a unique high school experience, I couldn't quite define what I was wishing for. Nevertheless, I'm starting to enjoy the way things are going, and I definitely don't want it to end.I gained a lot of popularity in school, and the principal often called me up to the podium to set an example and offer words of encouragement to my fellow students.I represented my school in various competitions and consistently brought home trophies and medals.Most students liked me, although not everyone. Some envied my achievements, while others resented me because their crushes seemed to be drawn to me without any effort on my part.My school days were full of fun. Being both academically gifted and good-looking with a cute baby face made it easy for girls to admire me. I never turned down an opportunity to make friends.I didn't have a steady girlfriend because many girls just wanted to be ar
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Farewell and First Impression
I meticulously loaded all of my luggage into the bus in preparation for our departure. As the moment neared, my father proceeded to start the car's engine. My attention shifted to my mother, who was visibly emotional."Mom, you knew this day would come, so why get emotional now?" I consoled her with a comforting embrace.Tears welled up in her eyes, and she replied, "I know, but I couldn't help it." I moved closer to her.I attempted to lighten the mood, saying, "Stop crying, Mom. If you keep this up, I might as well join you, and people will start wondering who died." She managed a smile.Reminding her of my imminent return, I added, "I'm only going to school, Mom; I'll be back soon."She confessed, "I'm going to miss you, son."I replied, "Me too, Mama... please take care of yourself," as we separated. She encouraged me to make her proud, and with that, I boarded the bus.Bid farewell to my mother and closed the door. My father then drove off, embarking on our journey to my new scho
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A student Tale
I looked ahead and realized my dad had lost focus and was heading towards a Lamborghini in front of us. Without hesitation, I screamed out, "DAD, WATCH OUT!"In a display of remarkable reflexes, he applied the brakes with precision, averting what could have been a disastrous collision. The screeching sound of the tires filled the air as our bus came to a sudden stop. I could see the shocked expressions on the faces of the students and the owner of the luxury car.My heart was racing, and I could feel the tension in the air. My father, visibly flustered, muttered an apology under his breath as he shifted the gear to reverse and backed away from the Lamborghini. The students and onlookers were still staring at us, some with amused smirks, while others appeared annoyed.Our prompt exit from the bus followed, a collective sigh of relief escaping us as we confirmed that the high-priced vehicle remained unscathed."Phew, that was a close call," I exhaled, sharing a palpable sense of relief
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Love at first sight
Roughly an hour later, having completed the initial organization of my belongings in my room, I decided to embark on an exploratory journey through the school grounds. This endeavor was driven by a desire to familiarize myself with my new environment.Stepping outside, I found myself awash in a sense of wonder and enthusiasm. The institution before me was a fusion of tradition and innovation, where history intertwined seamlessly with the promise of a prosperous future.The campus's inherent beauty and grandeur etched a lasting impression on my impressionable mind. I was acutely aware that this phase of my life held the potential for countless revelations and adventures.As I traversed the campus's courtyards, I couldn't help but feel like an outsider, a humble newcomer in a world that appeared to be built on affluence. The students' attire served as a testament to their privilege, with girls adorned in designer dresses and accessories, and boys outfitted in impeccably tailored suits a
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A costly Desire
Following the conclusion of the lecture, a sea of students began to exit the classroom. both male and female, hurriedly made their way toward a group of four young women whose stunning beauty had captured the attention of the entire room.Among this throng was Alex, who, alongside his newfound companions, rushed towards these mesmerizing individuals, treating them with an aura of reverence reminiscent of celebrities. This lifestyle, once familiar to me, I used to be the center of attention at every turn.Observing from a distance, I noticed how the four girls departed the lecture hall. My initial intention was to wait for Alex so we could go home together, I was taken aback when I observed him walking off with his newfound friends.Though I was slightly disappointed, I refrained from placing blame. I can’t expect him to walk with me when he has his elegant friends with him. Turning on my heel, I decided to make my own way home, for I had no other reasons on campus.We both met at home
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The first humiliation
Peter’s perspectiveThe following day, Alex and I prepared for our classes, getting ready to leave for school. As we stepped out of our shared room, I couldn't help but notice how impeccably dressed Alex always was, in stark contrast to my own attire.He scrutinized my clothing, and I detected a subtle, unusual reaction that he quickly tried to conceal when he noticed my gaze fixated on him. Puzzled, I decided to inquire, "What's wrong?"Alex hesitated for a moment, then finally spoke, "Look, don't take this the wrong way, but if you're going to be seen with me, you'll have to start dressing to impress, and not like this." He gestured disapprovingly at my attire."But there's nothing wrong with my outfit. People in my hometown admire this clothing; it's one of my best pieces. These clothes are highly sought after there," I protested."You must be kidding, right? Because this looks more like a rag, no offense," he commented, somewhat exasperated. "You're no longer in your previous worl
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Shame and harmless fling
Throughout the day at school, the embarrassment from the classroom incident lingered in my mind. Alex had been a silent observer, and his embarrassment was evident as well. I knew it wasn't his fault, but I couldn't help feeling responsible for the awkward situation.I shouldn’t have tried to measure with them in the first place. They are way out of my league and I just couldn’t fit myself in their shoes. Living a fake life isn’t what I wanted for myself.As I returned to our apartment, I decided to retreat to my room, jump on my bed, and reflect on the events of the day. The memory of being laughed at by my classmates weighed heavily on my mind. I replayed the scene repeatedly, my face reddening with humiliation.I couldn't help but consider my father's advice, which had always encouraged me to stand my ground and never be ashamed of my background. It was as if he had foreseen such a situation, speaking from experience.Now that my truth was out in the open, I couldn't help but wonde
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unprecedented Advocate
Peter’s PerspectiveOver the course of the following days, I found myself subjected to a relentless stream of humiliation, a relentless barrage facilitated by Sean and his cohort of friends. Not a single day passed without them partaking in the merciless derision that was now my daily routine.They even came up with a cruel nickname for me, "Peter Poorman," mocking my family's financial situation. Their actions impaired my ability to concentrate during class, inhibiting my capacity to exercise my true academic prowess. In their eyes, I had been reduced to a student devoid of any noteworthy qualities, one who seemed out of place in an institution as esteemed as our college.I was profoundly isolated within the classroom, bereft of friends. Even my closest companion, Alex, maintained a deliberate distance from me in public settings to avoid being labeled an outcast by our peers.Despite the agony I experienced, I clung to the hope that their childish behavior would eventually wane, and
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who is the new girl?
Writer's PerspectiveAfter arriving home, Angelica was joined by her friends who had walked back to their apartment together. Their conversation revolved around the events that had transpired in their class."I never expected any of that. I was completely taken by surprise, and she just embarrassed us all. Who is she anyway?" Sophie asked as they entered the apartment.Ella, with a determined look on her face, declared, "I will find out who she is and get back at her. No one disrespects the Gaga girls and gets away with it."Angelica, however, offered a different perspective. She cautioned her friends, "We need to stop this harassment. Even if others are doing it, we shouldn't. We should strive to make a difference and not join in on torment and criticism."Ella questioned Angelica's intentions, "What are you talking about? I thought you had a plan when you were defending him in class. I assumed you had a motive behind all of that. Are you under his spell too?"Angelica defended her a
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