Damon Oswyn, the frost mage
Damon Oswyn, the frost mage
Author: MS_Reddy
Chapter 1: Damon Oswyn

Damn it, I cursed inwardly.

My luck didn’t seem to change much even after such a thing as transmigration happened. In every novel I read back on Earth, every hero who got transmigrated is blessed and one day rule the heavens.

It has been three years since I came over to this world, but my story didn’t seem to proceed as I had hoped.

Back on Earth, I was an orphan. I was raised in an orphanage. The only thing I knew about myself was that my name was Damon. I have no idea how I died, but I felt a sharp pain in my heart one night while sleeping. That is my last memory on Earth.

When I opened my eyes again, I was alone in a room. It was different from what I used to live, which scared the shit out of me at first.

Then the memories of this body flooded me. I fainted with such a sudden influx. When I woke up, I understood that transmigrated to a magical world.

Coincidentally, this body belonged to a thirteen-year-old boy named Damon Oswyn. He was an orphan like me.

He lost his parents to a beast tide that attacked Pearl City. They died so that the people of the city could survive.

Many magicians died during that battle, but his parents made a considerable contribution. They killed the bosses and top boss, thirty lord plane beasts, and an overlord plane beast.

Being the only son of two city heroes, his life should have been filled with luxury, but the reality is cruel.

In the beginning, there were honors, but time passed, and he was slowly forgotten.

Many were filled with envy and jealousy when his parents were honored, and Damon could enjoy the benefits. The nature of humankind is genuinely a riddle.

The children at the school started to bully him, robbing him of money he carried with him. Sometimes he even was beaten, leaving broken bones. He complained to instructors many times but never got a proper response; instead of being freed from those bullies, he was bullied even worse.

He never understood at first the reason why no one helped him, and added to that, he got beaten more.

He later learned that those bullies come from families of magicians. The head bully, Gregor, is from the Craster family. They are not only the richest but also a family blessed with many magicians. This made them the number one in Pearl City; even the Mayor of Pearl City wouldn’t go against them.

The worst thing was the ones who were once his friends who joined the side of those bullies.

Damon felt betrayed by this. Few knew about his true financial position. His parents came from a commoner’s background. When they became magicians, they earned a lot. The money those goons looted from him didn’t matter much, as his parents left a lot of wealth.

Even with a lot of wealth, they never lived a life of luxury. They lived in a townhouse, which had three floors. They only had a maid and a butler to maintain the household and take care of Damon when they went out hunting.

This is how the minor families of Pearl City magicians lived.

Being a Tier-2 city in Andras Empire, the cost of living is relatively high. So ordinary magicians couldn’t afford to live in luxury. Even someone from a major family of Tier-3 couldn’t afford a permanent house in a Tier-2 city. They may be a significant family in lower-tier cities and towns, but here they are at the bottom.

Thus everyone believed Damon’s family was of no importance in their city. When their family started to gain prominence, the major family’s eyes burned with jealousy. It worsened when they died during the beast tide.

For a minute, they basked in happiness that the family had died, but the city’s people crowned them as Heroes of Pearl City. The Mayor has no choice but to etch the names on Hero’s Pillar, located across from Mayor’s hall. This is something that many can’t earn. The names etched here are remembered through ages as long as it stands.

This event caused the major family’s happiness to turn into anger. The scheming started.

Some people were paid to throw dung on Damon’s parents’ names and spread rumors. Slowly majority of the city started to believe in rumors, which led to the removal of his parents’ names from the Hero’s Pillar.

It was one thing Gregor and his goons to bully him and take something from him, and he could at least understand those major families’ schemes. When his friends joined those goons, his heart got pierced.

He couldn’t do anything but wait for the magical awakening and one day has his revenge.

Every child who has crossed sixteen years undergoes a magical awakening in this world. This determines whether one has the aptitude to become a magician or not and how high his talent is.


When I transmigrated and got the memories of Damon Oswyn, I was sure about one thing. The truth in this world is that of the strong. A magician can even get away from murder, rape, and even wiping entire families as long as the others aren’t strong or backed by someone stronger.

The previous one left the world without completing his revenge. So I promised that I’ll take revenge in his stead. After that, I’ll move forward and one day rule this world.

That dream remained a dream for three years. I was duped by the overpowered transmigrated souls in those novels I read, where they are gifted with advantages over the people of that world.

I waited for that golden goose to appear for three years, but it didn’t. My only hope is that I awaken some type of rare magic affinity.

In this world, magic reigns supreme, and one blessed with magic is the powerful ruler. All these three years, I waited, hoping that my magic would be rare or even legendary.

The long-awaited moment is about to happen. I crossed my sixteenth birthday and now am eligible for magical awakening.

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