Damon Oswyn, the frost mage

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Damon Oswyn, the frost mage

By: MS_Reddy OngoingFantasy

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Damon Oswyn, lost his parents when he was young. They died when during a beast tide, saving the city. They were hailed as heroes of the city, and Damon's life should be luxurious, but things never go as simple as that. Humans have honor, bravery, kindness but at the same time they are filled with greed, envy and jealousy. Things took a turn for worst as time went on. Read the story of Damon to see what he went through and how he stood on top. -- The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. -- I originally published on webnovel but lost access to the account. I wrote to them but they never responded. So I'm republishing under different novel name and creator name.

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Chapter 1: Damon Oswyn
Damn it, I cursed inwardly. My luck didn’t seem to change much even after such a thing as transmigration happened. In every novel I read back on Earth, every hero who got transmigrated is blessed and one day rule the heavens. It has been three years since I came over to this world, but my story didn’t seem to proceed as I had hoped. Back on Earth, I was an orphan. I was raised in an orphanage. The only thing I knew about myself was that my name was Damon. I have no idea how I died, but I felt a sharp pain in my heart one night while sleeping. That is my last memory on Earth. When I opened my eyes again, I was alone in a room. It was different from what I used to live, which scared the shit out of me at first. Then the memories of this body flooded me. I fainted with such a sudden influx. When I woke up, I understood that transmigrated to a magical world. Coincidentally, this body belonged to a thirteen-year-old boy named Damon Oswyn. He was an orphan like me. He lost his parents
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Chapter 2: Magical Awakening
Today is the day of magical awakening. As far as I understood, the Magic and Rift Association uses some stones to determine our affinity and grade of magic. There was no mention of what those stones were. The information about those stones is restricted. As of now, I am sitting at my usual table in the classroom. Today is the day of awakening that happens once a year. All the students are under the intense pressure of what would happen. It is known that the stones used for awakening varied in quality. The higher the quality, the costlier the stone is. The students get a chance to use stones of better quality than that of those who can’t afford school. Only Tier-1 cities could afford premium quality awakening stones. In tier-2 cities like Pearl City, the schools where wealthy students attend, schools cover the cost of high-quality awakening stones. The city bears the cost of using medium-quality stones for the children who attend schools for the poor and other such lads who can’t a
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Chapter 3: Golden Goose
We are taught in our magical studies that during the magical awakening process, we’ll enter our subconscious or spiritual place or sometimes referred to as the core. It is where the magic takes root. We can distinguish it by looking at its color. The magic root’s shape will be the same for everyone; it seems like a small ball. The only difference is the color. Mine looked white, snow-white. I have an idea of what it is, but only when I touch it can, I clearly discern what it is. When I tried to reach the crystal, it felt cold. The more I reduced the distance, the more coldly I felt, but with a bit of warmth in it. From the other one’s memories, his mother’s affinity is Ice. The feeling is the same as when his mother used to hug him. It seems I got the magic affinity from my mother. Though the other one’s parents died even before I came here, their memories are the only ones I had for parents in both lives. So I accepted them as my parents. Sadly, I didn’t get a rare affinity, but
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Chapter 4: Over Powered?
“Almighty Lord, as in the one who created us?” [Hmm, I don’t think he created you or, for that matter, no one from this entire galaxy either.] “Then why did you call him Almighty Lord?” [Hahaha, did you think to compare the Almighty Lord with the mere creators of a few lower worlds? He stands above them. He once was a creator of High planets and galaxies, but now he…wait, sorry, I can’t divulge any more on that matter.] “Fine, can you tell me about the system, its functions, etc.?” [Ofcourse, I’ll answer anything pertaining to that as long as such information is restricted for you to know.] “I understood most of the system, but I don’t understand a few of them. First, there is the shop tab which is showing as locked. How to unlock it and how to buy anything from the shop?” [It’s so simple; all you have to do is to become a Level-1 magician. Once that happens, the shop will be opened for you. You can buy items from the shop using Shop Points.] “Shop Points, Seriously? Can’t you
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Chapter 5: Leveling up the Grade of Magic
Rod’s words made me crash to the ground. It felt like someone poured cold water on me. When I heard that my golden goose could help me alter the levels of anything, I was on cloud nine. I know it’s not worth arguing with him. So I proceeded to ask questions. “Rod, what’s the use of that database? It’s only empty.” [Oh, it sure is now, but it will be permanently saved in the database once you learn something. You’ll never forget anything that you have learned.] “That sure sounds nice, but I don’t think I can learn much in such a short time. Even the magicians at the pinnacle live utmost for two hundred years. So it’s not much use.” [Hahaha, you sure make me laugh. The magicians at the pinnacle live for thousands of years]. Rod laughed as if he had heard the joke of the century. “What do you mean by that?” [The magicians whom you think are at the pinnacle haven’t reached the pinnacle stage, they barely set foot out of the Primary Realm. Hearing when you said pinnacle magicians, I
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Chapter 6: Magic grade reaching the Peak
Now that I can’t do anything, I’ll just sleep for tonight. Anyhow my original plan didn’t involve me meditating so that I could form orbit and satellite. Now that I need to wait so that my points refill, and then I can check if there are grades above Purple. Now that there wasn’t anything for me to do, I quickly fell asleep on my bed. --- I woke up early in the morning and did my daily exercises. What many magicians do is not work on their bodies. A magician increases his physique whenever he reaches a new level, so that is what everyone does, and this is their weakness. Compared to other warriors, a magician’s body is weak. There are few who use weapons embued with magic, who had to work on their physique. Usually, these are the ones who happened to have low magic grades. When I do these, everyone will be thinking me as someone weak. Either they bully me or don’t pay any attention. I won’t care for those latter guys even if they are dying, but the ones who bully would feel my w
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Chapter 7: Essence of a magician
What the hell was that? A new mission appeared, but Rod said that missions only appear after the missions tab is available at level-2. I’m happy that a mission appeared before that ridiculous requirement was fulfilled. On top of that, the mission states to inquire about the beast tide and my parents’ death. Does that mean there is foul play? I had my doubts about their deaths. From what I know, they killed a lot of overlord beasts before, one on one. Sure the lord beasts would trouble them with their numbers but for both of them to die at the same time felt wrong. The fight happened right outside the city. Even if one of them were injured, the other would have pulled both to the healers at the walls. They could have been healed and joined the fight again. The members of major families would have filled their spots for a time since the elders of those families are on par with my parents’ strength. Added to that, Thomas found out that the families were behind the rumors about my par
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Chapter 8: Eye of Vision, Ancient Runes
It fucking hurts. Damn, I forgot about that. They give us incredible power but only after causing the MC pain. How the hell does one survive such pain? After a few minutes of tormenting, the pain finally subsided, and I fell to the floor. When I woke up, it was already late evening. Damn, I was unconscious for hours; if this happens out in the wild, I sure will die. It’s better to use any reward when I’m in a safe zone. Now let’s check what the eye does. I went and stood in front of the mirror. Hmm, there is no change. If I remember, eye color changes but not necessarily. From the description, the vision gets enhanced; let’s check. I went to the window and looked at the city. There is nothing new. Did the eye fail? Maybe I have to say magic words? I started to say some random words. ‘Activate’ ‘Begin’ ‘Open Sesame’ Maybe I should say the name. ‘Eye of Vision, activate.’ Suddenly the vision changed. I could see through the walls and see what people could do. I shifted my sig
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Chapter 9: Formations
The book is divided into three parts; low level, mid-level, and high level. The low-level part is for beginners, and from the description, mid and high levels are out of my reach for now. I should concentrate on the low-level part of the book, which is meant for beginners like me, or I may become brain-dead if I try to read the levels which aren’t meant for me. As I got immersed in these two books, time flew by. Nine more days were gone before I even got to start my meditation to become a magician. That means I have twenty more days to become a magician and learn a skill to perform on recruitment day. This made Thomas and Mary worry about me. They only calmed down after my assurance that everything would be fine. I know they only appeared to be calm, but their hearts were not. During these nine days, I used the points to increase my Essence and Intellect while trying to understand the magical formation. Yes, Essence stopped increasing after reaching the value of nine. I solely use
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Chapter 10: A Magician
Ten days later Ah, finally, I’m now a magician. I left the formation and pulled out the cores. I felt some energy still inside the cores. It seems Level-1 cores can be used once as the formation needs a lot of energy to start. Once the formation was released, the energy dispersed, and everything became normal. I released my aura to see if there were any differences, and indeed there were. My aura seemed a bit stronger than that of others I felt before. It felt as if I broke to Level-3, probably because of my grade and essence. I shouldn’t flaunt to others as it only invites trouble. For now, I should keep my aura in check. It would be a trump card to be used on my enemies. Suddenly a notification sound came. Ding! ‘Congratulations, you completed the hidden mission, BECOME A MAGICIAN.’ ‘Congratulations, you are rewarded 20 shop points. ‘Congratulations, you are rewarded the EYE OF POWER.’ ‘Congratulations, you are rewarded Book of Ancient Bloodlines.’ ‘Congratulations, you ar
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