Chapter 10: A Magician

Ten days later

Ah, finally, I’m now a magician. I left the formation and pulled out the cores. I felt some energy still inside the cores. It seems Level-1 cores can be used once as the formation needs a lot of energy to start.

Once the formation was released, the energy dispersed, and everything became normal.

I released my aura to see if there were any differences, and indeed there were. My aura seemed a bit stronger than that of others I felt before. It felt as if I broke to Level-3, probably because of my grade and essence.

I shouldn’t flaunt to others as it only invites trouble. For now, I should keep my aura in check. It would be a trump card to be used on my enemies.

Suddenly a notification sound came.


‘Congratulations, you completed the hidden mission, BECOME A MAGICIAN.’

‘Congratulations, you are rewarded 20 shop points.

‘Congratulations, you are rewarded the EYE OF POWER.’

‘Congratulations, you are rewarded Book of Ancient Bloodlines.’

‘Congratulations, you are rewarded Book of Ancient Power.’

Looks like I completed another hidden mission. Let’s see what powerful rewards the system gave me this time.

Hmm, there are another 20 shop points; adding to the previous 20, it should be 40 points now. Wait, the status didn’t show me the shop points I have. Did it show now? If not, I don’t think I’ll remember after some time.


Name: Damon Oswyn

Age: 16

Race: Human

Shop Points: 40

Level Alter points: 50; Cool-down: 24 hours

Level: 1 <+/-> (Locked)

Orbit-1: 1 < +/- >

Affinity: Ice

Grade: Black<->

Innate skill: Ice Dragon Level-1 <+/->

Skills: None

Weapons: None


Health: 12 < +/- >

Strength: 6 < +/- >

Stamina: 6 < +/- >

Speed: 2 < +/- >

Intellect: 42 < +/- >

Essence: 18 <+/ - >

Mana: 10 < +/- >; Mana refill: 1 < +/- >/ minute < +/- >


There are my 40 shop points. It looks like the shop points only became available now that I’m Level-1, and the shop tab is available to access for me.

Oh, it looks like I didn’t lose the Level Alter points. They stacked up to 50; wait, that means only ten days have passed, or it’s the limit. I should check today’s date.

After looking at the date, I confirmed that only ten days had passed since I started my seclusion. It is definitely a record.


It’s almost midnight, and I feel famished. I should go downstairs and ask Mary to cook something for me.

I ran downstairs and went to Mary’s room. She should be sleeping, but my hunger can’t be calmed down. Reluctantly I knocked on the door.

Mary opened the door a minute later. She is wearing a nightdress, which shows her beautiful skin more than her usual attire.

She is so beautiful, and looking at her, a new hunger rose down below.

When Mary saw me standing outside her room, the need to sleep abandoned her. She asked in a confused tone, “Damon, why are you out of seclusion? You shouldn’t break before you become Level-1.”

Lucky for me, she didn’t see my new hunger. I quickly adjusted myself and said, “I already reached Level-1.”

I could deduce she couldn’t believe it from her expression, and she also looked worried. So I released my aura, reducing it to an average aura level of level-1 should have.

Her face is full of shock and frozen in time.

I nudged her and said, “I just became a Level-1 magician.”

Mary hurriedly said, “Congratulations, young master. I knew you are gifted and one day would stand above all.”

I laughed and said, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’m too hungry to ignore it.”

She smiled, “It is fine, master. I’ll go and prepare some food for you.”

She left to wake Thomas and told him about my success. Though he was in shock, Thomas congratulated me and went to help Mary.

I’m pleased that I could make them surprised and happy with my achievements. If I use the system properly, there will be more surprises.

I checked the rewards while I waited for them to prepare food for me.

[EYE OF POWER: The eye of power is said to have great power, enough to destroy planets. Over time, it degraded, and now it can only awaken the bloodline of the person who merged with it. There is a possibility of reviving, but no one was able to.]

[BOOK OF ANCIENT BLOODLINES: This is a codex of all ancient bloodlines, with detailed descriptions of all bloodlines, their power levels, and how to counter them. The eye of power goes hand in hand with this knowledge. Language of Ancient Runes should be known to understand this book.]

[BOOK OF POWER: One can use the information in this book to acquire additional bloodlines or to replace or remove any ancient bloodlines. Language of Ancient Runes should be known to understand this book.]

When I was checking what the rewards were about, Mary and Thomas prepared food and brought it to me. I put them away in the spatial ring for now.

I gulped down everything they cooked; no, I devoured the food in a matter of minutes. The portion was larger than I used to eat, but my hunger didn’t die. I could survive for a night, so I didn’t want to bother them for tonight.

I looked at both of them and said, “Thank you both for taking care of me all these years. I’ll make sure to reach the peak, and you two will enjoy the benefits with me.”

They both smiled at me, and a small tear came from their eyes.

Looking at their smiles made me smile. They are the only two that matter to me in this life, and I will protect them.

After having food, I went back to my room.

I checked my interface once again to see what changes occurred.

As Rod previously mentioned, Shop is accessible, and the Missions tab can be seen but not accessible. There are no new tabs as it looked before; probably this is the extent I can unlock, or there is another reason.

My status has a new attribute, Orbit-1. Huh, why is there a + and – sign beside it.

The number of satellites in Orbit-1 is one. It increases in Odd numbers as we reach the next orbit. It means in Orbit-2, there would be 3 satellites, and in Orbit-3, there would be 5 and so on.

If there is a sign, it could only mean one thing to me: to change the number in my favor. That means I can cast spells of level-1, with power equal to higher-level spells. In addition to that, since the radius of the orbit is more than that of a peerless genius, I stand above them.

Even for Mana points and regeneration rate, the alter system is available.

“Excellent; I love you, system. I’m an OP.”

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