Chapter 12: Unbelievable SHOP##

Now that I escaped the horror narrowly, I should check what the shop has for me to buy.


What the Damn Hell? Why are these so costly?

The moment I opened the shop section, I felt like I was cheated. The items looked good, but the prices were unbelievable. The Cheapest items are the Bronze class weapons, and they cost no less than 100 points each.

I only got 40 points in total after completing two hidden missions. If this goes on like that, I need to complete at least 5 missions in order to afford a Bronze class weapon.

I’m sad not because I couldn’t afford those Bronze class weapons but thinking about the rates of Silver class or Gold class weapons. Their prices would for sure reach the sky.

Moreover, from their descriptions, the quality seems to be very high than those of weapons I have seen before. They also offer buffs to the wielder, which only armors did. Weapons are for ignoring the enemy’s defense and killing, not increasing the wielder’s power.

I need to get my hands on these as quickly as I can.

Only when the Missions tab is accessible shall I have a way to earn those damn items from the shop. For now, I have nothing but to use the inferior quality weapons.

I’ll try to reach Level-2 after I join an academy. If I show more power than I should, my enemies will try to root me out before they get into trouble.

Now, I have to learn at least one skill to impress the recruiters. They would have my data from my awakening, so I won’t get a spot in a good academy unless I do something to catch their eyes.

Though I plan to join Pearl City Magical Academy, I’m not sure about my chances. They wouldn’t try to recruit a Blue Grade magician unless they show some talent.

Trying to recruit me is most likely down the drain, but I have to try. If I fail in that, there is a chance one of the recruiters from the next best academy will come and recruits me.

Let’s check what skills mother had. Hmm, most are high-level skills or ones that take a lot of time.

Ice breath and Ice field seemed to be doable before recruitment day, but I can’t practice them at home. I need open space.

I have been cooped up in the home for too long; it’s time to go out and practice.

I went downstairs and informed Mary and Thomas before heading out. In the city, there are places where low-level magicians can practice their skills for the people who can’t afford private grounds.

I have no idea why Mom and Dad buy a house with open space for practice.

It took me fifteen minutes by foot to reach one of the practice grounds. There were people who sneered when they saw me, but I didn’t react. They will pay for their mistakes once I have power.

When I reached the practice ground, the guard stopped me from entering.

“What?” I asked, annoyed by him stopping me.

“Kid, you can only enter after you paid the entry fee,” the guard replied coldly.

Judging by his voice, I know that the guard recognized who I was, but since the Association has strict policies, he may lose his job if he did anything.

I snorted and went to the counter for the entry ticket.

For open ground, you have to pay 1 silver per day, and for beast grounds, the price will vary depending on the levels and species of the beasts.

I paid 1 silver for open ground and entered the grounds. I have to learn one skill, in fact, if I learn Ice breath and Ice field, then it will help a lot while hunting, but I don’t think I can in the remaining days.

I’ll learn Ice breath first, and if time permits, I’ll try learning the Ice field.

For the next few days, he kept to the routine of going to the open grounds and practicing his skills.


In the meeting hall of the Craster family

The Craster family is considered one of the three major families of Pearl City. The three families have power over half of the city, especially the Craster family, which is the most powerful and wealthy family in Pearl City.

All the members of the family, except for the kids, assembled in the meeting hall.

The Head of the family spoke, “Members of my family, today the Craster family delivered another magical genius. Gregor has reached Level-1 in twenty days. This is a record which no families can claim for.”

Though Gregor used formations, it is a record since the record time was 25 days before he broke it.

When the members heard this, they immediately clapped and congratulated Gregor.

Gregor is an asshole, but in front of his family, he has to bow to the elders, or he may pay the price. He is the first of the new generation; there are a lot of kids who would awaken in a week or two. Moreover, his father isn’t the one next in line for the Head of the family position.

His father had already advised him about how to squeeze funds from the old geezers. Once he becomes strong, the current Head may change his choice for his successor.

Gregor is not the one who misses a chance like that. To his luck, the son of the successor is one year younger than him, and so he has to wait a year. This gave Gregor a one-year time to reach heights that one can dare to oppose him.

The Head of the family spoke again, “Since little Gregor has such talent, and other young lads won’t awaken until next year, he will get extra resources from the family.”

He then placed the ‘extra resources’ on the table.

Though others felt sore when they saw them, they didn’t have a valid reason to stop it.

Gregor was delighted when he saw the resources. Anyone with a brain will be delighted.

The Head placed three resources, and none are considered as low. Vial of Everspring water, one Darrwood root, and one Mana Enhance Pill.

Even one of them can cause a war.

Drinking Everspring Water gives the magician a chance to awaken a Unique Skill. Unique skills are said to be on par with Innate Skills, but it varies from magician to magician.

The problem is that the Unique skill has little chance of being the same element as the magician.

If that happens, the magician will get a new element, but the original element will always be the strongest of all, and the new unique skill would end up as a normal skill.

 Darwood root is used to temper one’s body. It is said to double one’s strength and stamina. The only drawback is that no one above Level-3 can use it, and it can be used twice by a person.

Mana Enhance Pill increases the quantity of Mana stored in a body. The amount of Mana increases depending on the quality of the pill. Though it can be used as many times, it was advised not to as the pill has impurities that block the Mana Circuit.

Gregor bowed and said, “Thank you, elders.”

“Gregor, remember, this provision is only until others awaken. Suppose anybody surpasses you or you fail to achieve great things. In that case, you’ll lose those privileges and would be treated as just a member of the family.”

Gregor nodded his head in respect.

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