The Forbidden Sorcery (Wizardry Of Souls)

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The Forbidden Sorcery (Wizardry Of Souls)

By: Zoe'snovel OngoingFantasy

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Elena, a formidable, powerful sorceress and assassin, is trapped in the body of a frail and blind servant called Cressida. The fate of this two people become twisted due to " hwanhonsool"( the soul of the death return to the living). Elena becomes powerless after her soul was shifted to another body and on the quest to regain her magical abilities encounters a man from a prestigious family, who wants her help and he in turn changes his destiny. The bond between these two becomes stronger and turns to an unbreakable romance. Will the mages be able to stop Elena after she regains her magical strength?

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  • Zoe Ekong


    amazing read. The author is doing an excellent Job.

    2022-12-19 06:47:07
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38 chapters
The Soul Shifts
The night is accompanied with rain hammering down in the streets. A woman dressed in a thin veil evades a rabble of guards as she walks through town.Slipping down the back alleys, she makes her way to a poor family'You poor thing, child take this and eat' the woman said, caressing the child's head.The little dirty boy in rags sat up with the help of his mother"Child, go on," his mother said while feeding him."I will bring more meals for you, eat slowly" the woman dressed in a thin veil said. She moved out of the room and slowly raised her eyes to look at the strange devilish man in a caged room while shutting the door behind her.The strange devilish man arrives, with blue-grey skin and charges at the poor woman and her child in rags. Thankfully, a demon slayer called Daniel Donovan appears, the both exchange fists and Daniel Donovan throws him across the room. Somehow conjuring up water powers, he confines it to a prison.The door slams open in a hurry "Matt" the woman screamed
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The Pet Bird Whistle
20 years later and the child conceived has grown into Stefan Donovan who happens to be at the royal palace overseen by Petrova Theodore.On the frozen lake in the outskirts of the village, Elena, a female Shadow Assassin is seen having a tense argument with some soldier who came to capture her."So you're Elena, the Shadow Assassin who has been going around killing all the mages in the City." Petrova Theodore confronted her."They call me Elena, for wherever I go, heads fall on the ground, a beautiful name isn't it? '' she replied boastfully with a cheek up smile."Kill her," the head soldier ordered.Immediately arrows were raised by the soldiers and fired towards Elena who loosen her hat ropes, throw it off and draw out her sword to resist the arrows into the frozen ice. A magic arrow fired towards Elena by Petrova the head soldier almost threw her off her feet, the enchanting forces of the air held her firm.The trop and Elena kept fighting across this frozen lake. The head soldi
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Her weak body
Stefan Donovan is the son of Daniel Donovan. A fine gentleman who is currently off training in the mountains. Stefan is on the mountain with his master sitting on his knees. His current teacher, an elder monk, is angry at his attitude and refuses to teach him. "Today, I shall end my training". He tells his master. "You have not even finished your training, how dare you decide to end the training without my permission?" "You asked me to expand my knowledge, so I read and memorized hundreds of spell books. You asked me to train my mind, so I patiently sharpened hundreds of swords. However, you never taught me any kinds of spells. The only lessons I have learnt here is that you have no intentions to teach me spells at all, now that I have learnt a big lesson I'd love to end it and leave." "The leader of Pandora asked me to keep you here for three years" Stefan wasn't ready to listen to what the monk had to say, he wasn't the type that kept to rules. "I know you're building a sanct
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The Four Seasons
"You should wash first and doll yourself up". Cressida slowly let go of her stick and made a dance kind of move with the mistress' hand. She was surprised and scared at first but almost immediately cheered up and smiled. "So you can dance as well?"."Did it look like a dance?" Apparently, Cressida was obviously making one of her fight moves which the mistress didn't understand, but because it didn't hurt her she felt it was a dance move."If my moves contained power, your arm would have fallen right off." Cressida said inwardly, she was quickly snapped out of her assumptions when the mistress dragged her cheeks."I am older than you, so you should speak in honorifics and I hope you will also treat my customers with respect too." The mistress kept to her cheeks and shaked her as though to lay emphasis." You just wait, I will kill you too." Cressida wasn't comfortable with this threat and as usual she kept her ill speeches in her mind. "A lot of powerful people come to our brothel. T
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"You must be crazy." She shuffles beneath her breath. She ran off with a picky bag of coins and in an attempt to escape fell off the window and Stefan couldn't help but feel pity for her. Trevor walks into the room immediately after Cressida leaves."What are you looking at?"Stefan, who was still staring at the window, turned to look at him."What? Nothing, Trevor, I heard the Shadow Assassin uses Tansus." Stefan picks the crab leg and examines it carefully.Trevor chuckled,"What do you know about Tansus?""I know enough, I read about it in my free time". Stefan sounded confident about this information."Tansus is the type of swordsmanship that only the best mages can learn, you flick energy with a blade just like you flick water. A single strike is enough to kill someone." Trevor explained to Stefan." But why did you ask?"Youkay raised the crab leg in his face and recalled the moves Cressida made on him. "I am just wondering if this crab leg almost could have killed me.""Give i
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The Spirit Plague
Cressida was overly cheerful with him and apologized for threatening him with a crab leg the previous day.Stefan constantly tries her patience, being overly picky with everything she does from making the bed to running a bath. Cressida promises to kill him first once she’s regained her power. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have her water powers right now. But hey, that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming!Interestingly, Cressida does notice something intriguing in Stefan's possession while bringing him his clothes, coming in the form of a spirit emblem; that shiny blue necklace Elena used to restrict Petrova at the lake."That spirit plague will allow me to break the barrier and enter Pandora. But I cannot do that right now because I do not have powers to cast spells. I should find my sword, I might get my powers back if I find my sword.""With that spirit plague, I will be able to enter Pandora. Cressida said audibly this time. Donovan Stefan stares at his late mother's portrait at the
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The Blue Eyes
"Who were those guys? Did Salvatore send them here?". Cressida had found her way into the training center while the fight went on and hid comfortably under the table. Petrova Theodore was the next target and mission Salvatore had given her before her soul was transferred to Cressida. "Right! He must have sent them here to retrieve my body" Cressida attempted to run out of the table and made a sound while her body hit the table. "Who's there?" Morgan said after hearing the crack and sounds. Cressida ran the fastest she could out of the table and tried pacing her way around the center in a way to run out of it. Morgan chased her using her movements. In the middle of all this, Stefan, who had seen when she had left his province, catches up with her. Stefan drew her to a hiding place. When Morgan could no longer hear her footsteps, he retook his steps. "What are you doing here?" Cressida said, looking Stefan in the eyes. The moonlight was at its fullest that night and reflected on bo
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The Secret Room
While the three seasons and Cressida converse in the hideout, the Leader of Pandora Petrova Theodore and other senior mages run to the thick Forest to uncover where the assassins ran to. " They must have broken the pine forest barrier and gone out," one of the senior mages said.Petrova released a magic, like a forecast on the wall of the mountain to monitor where the assassins took." So they broke the barrier." Petrova said."We will go after them" The senior mage attempts to make a move but Petrova insists it was too late into the night to do that." Only those of Pandora can break the barrier, there's a spy among us. We must ask the Martinez family for help" In the secret room where Elena's body was kept Trevor, Stefan, Morgan and Cressida deliberate over the missing body."Stefan, did you notice anything suspicious when you were hiding in Emerald Pandora? Trevor asked Stefan"Suspicious? No! I was only looking out for Cressida" Trevor continued "do you think Elena shift
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The Heirloom
As the last wood slides locked Cressida thought to herself "I do not have the strength to break his gate of energy right now, he will catch wind of it if I stay here." Elena didn't want Stefan to know she had lost her powers after shifting souls with Cressida, she needed to do something fast so he didn't get a glimpse of this. " I need my sword," she said as a way to get herself out of the situation." I have become weak due to shifting of souls, I need my sword's energy to open your gate of energy. Without it, there's nothing I can do here. To retrieve my sword, I need to get out of here so stop the door." Stefan was quiet and the door kept closing up. Cressida's eyebrows raised in fuss as though to make a curved line on her face. "Did you not hear me?" She was upset with how calm he remained instead of making an attempt to stop the door."I can't do that, I need to wait until it fully closes first" Stefan said finally."You liar, you lied to me didn't you?" Cressida couldn't co
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The Punishment
" We thank you for your great help." Petrova Theodore appreciates lady Katherina."I am sure one day we will ask you for your help too." She said smiling. They both took a bow, Lady Katherina, Stefan, Trevor and Morgan were all present to thank her."I see that Elysian's four families have all gathered here. I heard you are called the four seasons. Seeing you all together makes me happy." Old Reyes body language screamed excitement that the nobles were represented at the gathering." We used to gather often, but it's our first time after Stefan and Katherina called off their wedding" Trevor is often weird and said jokingly. Everyone went quiet for a while but of course with a killer look from Petrova." I have told them to prepare tea in the reception room." Morgan said, saving the moment. "Please come." Petrova offered as he and Old Reyes said, leaving the Four Seasons behind."You were here as well?" Lady Katherina asked just as Stefan was about to leave. " I heard you were kicked
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