Chapter 14: Recruitment (2)

I walked to the open space to demonstrate what I’m to these buggers so that I have a chance to be recruited by the top academies.

I walked back to my position, I could hear everyone mumbling, but many were surprised that I could seamlessly use a skill. It is not something many achieved at this point in time.

As I returned to my position, the day progressed without many excitements.

At the end of the day, the principal posted our names list with the academies that were interested in us. I checked mine first and saw that only one academy was interested in me, and it was not even in the top three.

I checked other student names, and though the top academy recruited fewer students or no students, the other two were eager to get many students.

Pearl City Magic Academy, I can understand, but what about the other two? Why didn’t they offer to recruit me? It wasn’t my grade because one of the students with a grade the same as me got the offer. I even performed better than him, better than all, if one can say so.

I can only think of one reason, and I needed only one reason to burn them. I would make them think twice about being born and crossing me.


After meeting with the recruiter from Thorn Hill Magical Academy, I went back home. These idiots just made my plan to stretch. Even with this loss, I still have the system. Once I’m a Level-2 magician, I would gain access to the Missions tab, which would reward me with Shop points.

With the shop points, I could acquire better resources than those of Pearl City Magical Academy.

I told them what happened at the recruitment, not skipping a single detail. They were infuriated when they heard this, but I calmed them down.

“Mary, Thomas, don’t act without thinking. I already know that the families wouldn’t take a chance with me though my magic is only Yellow-grade. I have a plan to deal with them when I’m strong, and when the time comes, they will pay for what they did.”

Only after hearing my explanation did they finally calm down.

I went back to my room. I have to change my plans, but the objectives don’t change.

The recruiter already informed me of the date and time for the meeting. On the tenth day from tomorrow, the students have to meet him at the South Gate. He would then take us to the academy.


For the next ten days, I buried myself in studying more from the Ancient Book of Formations, especially the ones that were designed to protect one from any intruder. This is one of the important formations required by anyone if they want some peace of mind when they sleep.

If a personal formation on one is drawn, it can protect them against any sneak attacks.

I spent the points I acquired on increasing the skill levels, body attributes, and the satellites in Orbit-1. The weird thing is the satellites increased by two at a time and consumed two points each time.

It seems that they increase to a number in the next orbit. Only after reaching nine did the number stop.

I didn’t increase the level of my innate skill as I had never practiced it before. Without knowing the functioning and increasing the level, I didn’t think it would be a wise choice, especially concerning innate skills, as they are much more powerful than the normal skills.


Name: Damon Oswyn

Age: 16

Race: Human

Shop Points: 40

Level Alter points: 0; Cool-down: 24 hours

Level: 1 <+/-> (Locked)

Orbit-1: 9 < - >

Affinity: Ice

Grade: Black<->

Innate skill: Ice Dragon Level-1 <+/->

Skills: Ice Breath Level-3 <+/->, Ice Field Level-3 <+/->

Weapons: None


Health: 52 (+18) < +/- >

Strength: 26 < +/- >

Stamina: 26 < +/- >

Speed: 22 < +/- >

Intellect: 42 < +/- >

Essence: 18 <+/ - >

Mana: 70 < +/- >; Mana refill: 6 < +/- >/ minute < +/- >


I decided to check the other rewards to check at a later date. After I was gone, only Mary and Thomas would be here. As the academy is not near to the city, I would have to live at the academy. Since the academy doesn’t allow servants, they could but stay here.

We can return homes during missions but have to return to the academy before the academy marks us as a rogue. Anyone with that mark who have to work harder than the others to clear the mark.

For me, even though I wouldn’t be at the academy where my enemies are, their pets would sure cause me trouble. If not them, those goons would find someone to trouble me with.

From the experiences in both schools and the recruitment, I was bound to make more enemies than friends. Even though Gregor wouldn’t be there, there are many Gregors in the world, and I’m sure that I‘ll cross one in the academy.

Regardless, the academy is full of competition, and everyone is everyone’s enemy. For me to succeed in my revenge, I need to stand at the top of the academy. The path is not just difficult but filled with greed, envy, and jealousy.

I can’t turn my back for even a moment.

So I can’t come and casually check how they are as this may land me in more trouble. If something happens to them, I won’t be able to forgive myself. I need to be sure that they would be safe, at least when they are at home.

Except for those, there is no one in the entire world that I care more than my own life. For that, I needed the formation to cover the home, and I finally succeeded in creating one after trying to understand it for almost ten days. Though it was such a pain in the ass, it was worth it.

I felt worried, even with the formation drawn. I saw those recruiters’ faces when I was performing. At first, they only seemed shocked and surprised, but later their expressions gave me an eerie feeling. I can tell most of them side with the families, so before tomorrow I need to take a few more precautions to be safe.

Only without the worry about their safety, I could concentrate totally on my studies.

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