Chapter 15: Leaving and Arriving

I told Mary and Thomas to be careful on the morning of my departure. One reason my home was safe was because of the association. It’s not like they cared about my safety, but they didn’t want the city to think that the safety of the people was compromised.

Even though there are many who see me with disgust, there are few who don’t believe in those rumors. If something happened to me in the city, a small spark could burn the image of the association.

Now that I leave for the academy, they don’t need to be concerned deeply about my safety.

I repeatedly told them not to wander far and never at night. If someone comes to visit, don’t let them inside at any cost. They understood my concern. Even for others, my grade is Yellow; my performance has definitely caught their eyes, though I tried to avoid that.

If they see me as a threat, they would certainly make a move against Mary and Thomas or against me. I need to control what others could be able to see.

I think I shouldn’t have increased my skill levels. I am sure that other academy recruiters have their eyes on me. I’m not sure about what they found about me, though. Is there some device that could be used to scan and know their stats?

I need to put on a show that I’m failing after entering the academy, or should I show my power and make them cower before me? Even if there isn’t, I can’t the risk. I’ll just stop increasing my power using the points.

No, the families have Level-8 magicians, even rumored to have Level-9. Even though I could be considered to be on par with Level-4 magicians, with this meager strength, I can’t beat Level-8 or Level-9 magicians who are far away from their strengths.

I should improve myself in shadow until I actually reach Level-4. By estimating the power I have now, I could defeat Level-9, or at least I’ll not lose to them when I reach Level-4.

Enjoy as long as you can; your time is coming to an end.


8:00 A.M

When I arrived at the meeting spot, the recruiter was already there. Along with him, there is only one student. When I saw her from the back, I recognized her red hair, Claire.

What is she doing here?

She was selected by Pearl City academy; what is she doing here?

When the recruiter saw me approaching, he spoke, “You have arrived at last; now we can leave now.”

What does he mean that I arrived at last? I’m here on time, which was informed to me by him.

“We can leave? What about others?”

Claire looked at me with; I have no idea what that look is. Of all the looks people gave me, I couldn’t understand what she felt when she looked at me.

“No one else accepted our offer; I have no idea. You two are the only ones who accepted our academy’s offer,” replied the recruiter almost earnestly.

I know why others didn’t accept your offer, but I have no idea why she did.

Anyway, it’s not my concern. The only thing of my concern is to stay low and become so strong that the world would shiver at the sound of my name.

The recruited led us to the carriage, which was drawn by a couple of Fire Horses. The carriage bears the insignia of the academy, three hills inscribed in a circle.


It was almost nightfall when we reached the academy, and we weren’t alone. There are many carriages that arrived at the academy alongside us, and a few that arrived even before us.

I guess it’s normal as the academy pulls out talents from wherever they find them. Even if there are only two from our home town including me, there are other places where the academy goes out to recruit.

Even with that, I heard that usually, there wouldn’t be more than two-digit numbers of newcomers joining the academy in a year; utmost, it would be in the lower three-digit numbers range.

I hope these idiots don’t cause trouble for me. I don’t want to waste time dealing with those morons.

Though I hate living in this world, I love it too. I know it’s contradictory, but it is what it is.

I hate it because I have to deal with morons who, for whatever purpose, target me unnecessarily. I love it here because of Mary and Thomas. Even if there weren’t blood-related, they took care of me well.

I want revenge on those who wronged my family and me, but at the same time, I want to live a good life.

If I waste my life to get revenge, no one really benefits except other jackals who vie for others’ wealth.

So I plan to become a great mage and have a line of life before I seek revenge. If they come for me before that, I won’t hold back even if I don’t reach my targets.

While I was deeply contemplating my future, the redhead approached me and slowly spoke, “Are you afraid that your life in the academy wouldn’t change?”

I jerked back when I heard her.

Why is she even speaking to me? She has never done that before now, and what’s with that question?

When I didn’t answer her, she mistook my thoughts, “Don’t worry; I won’t cause you any problems. I never spoke to you before for the well-being of my parents. Here I have no such restrictions.”

Wait, what? What does she mean by her parents’ well-being?

“Is there any problem with your parents?”

She looked at me and spoke, “Yes, but I can’t go into details. If anyone saw me speaking with you, that would only cause problems for them. I’m sorry for my indifferent attitude towards you back home.”

This is weird, definitely weird. I felt something opposite from her towards me when compared to how others treated me. I only thought she couldn’t be bothered with the likes of me.

Now she is saying that there is more. Did others feel like that too, when they screwed with me? Did they do that on someone’s orders or to curry favor with certain someone?

Who was it? What cause did that someone has against me?

I can’t think of anyone honestly.

Hmm, maybe it’s them or not. I’m not sure.

The sudden commotion broke my train of thought.

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