Now, the team were together, including Jamie, which makes the present figures; Randy, Selena, Kate, Roose, Natalie, Tiger, the doctor, and Jamie.

“with Tiger’s help, we’ll find Donnie…”, Randy said; seems he had been speaking before. “sure”, Tiger replies while Randy continues, “and we’ll deal with him for good”

“Quick info…”, Tiger said, “Donnie’s engineers made him an armor; a super suit, but I don't know all it can do yet… in sure he's gonna use it”

“Well, we have two electric gloves left”, Roose spoke, but was interrupted by Jamie quickly saying, “There's something Mr. Rhodes and I will help you with”

“What?”, Kate asked out of curiosity and was answered, “Special weapons; cause your weapons need to be upgraded… advanced that It would do better than it does now”

“what difference would it make”, the doctor asked

“So much that we can't count”, Selena said, “and Miley told me it should be ready in…”

“A week or less”, Jamie compl
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