Captain (Randy), Red Tiger (Tiger), Sharpshooter (Roose), and Miss Vicious (Selena) were on a road which was definitely busy before the gangsters on the road arrived; led by Rogue.

Tiger was putting on a red and black outfit with gloves which had claws like that of a tiger.

Roose way on his usual outfit and his guns were quite different add they were advanced

Selena’s sword was on her back she was clad in a grey long sleeved top with trousers, while Randy was on his usual too, and his swords crossed X on his back.

“take the others, I'll take Rogue”, Captain said to the three and while Roose and Tiger went ahead first, Selena asked, “you sure you don't need help?”, and he answered saying, “if you see that I do, then you can help”

She concurred and went forward too while Rogue came towards Captain

Rogue stretched his hands to shoot electric streaks from the gloves he was putting on, and it shocked Captain while he was moved back too, “not bad…”, he groans. He sheath
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