Days had passed, weeks maybe… Selena, Roose, Tiger, and Natalie were present at the team's base; Natalie walked briskly while holding a tablet device on her left hand; working her right hand on it. “attention Sharpshooter, Red Tiger… your call… over here”

“what's the situation?”, Roose asked.


Both of them soon arrived at a super market store and saw cops taking some cuffed robbers into their cars and driving them away. They were surprised and even more surprised to see Captain walk out of the store as a cop shook hands with him,

“quick to action”, Roose said and Tiger asked, “, how did you… get over here before us?”

“I have my ways…,”, he said before bursting into laughter as they left together.




Mr. Rhodes was in his office, thinking and looking puzzled; he had a lot on his mind, and wasn’t feeling like himself; he wondered what might have gone wrong, probably he wasn’t in his right state of mind. While in the world of thoughts,
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