Selena, Tiger, Roose, Kate, and Natalie were watching a recording on a computer as a man was speaking, “former soldier; Randy Sharp was wrongfully accused and the charges against him have now been dropped, he has proved to be a true soldier and a true citizen of The United States of America… the dead who were accused shall be honored rightfully and remembered always”

Natalie hugged Randy saying, “oh so sweet… now you’re a free and famous man”

“we’re all free now; Donnie's gone for good”, Selena said before they stood up as Natalie was gonna get drinks for everyone.




Ashley was in his house watching the same recording when he outrageously yelled, “What about Captain Ashley? Forgotten in the same way! Why why?”

He cleared everything off the table and smashed his phone on the ground, eyes wide and breathing heavily, he continued to damage things.




Kate and Randy were back at Kate's house in her room. Both of them sat on the bed and he was
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