At the police station, Captain, Miss Vicious and some cops were watching the footage of how Ashley killed the general, “we don’t know who he is yet”, one of the officers said. A general in the army entered suddenly with two soldiers behind him, he was speaking as he came in, “one of ours died, and you cops can’t even do a thing… we’re taking this case ourselves”

“are you scared of death?”, Captain asked, “if he; being a soldier once upon a time decides to hunt some of the generals down; you might be on his list; are you scared?”

The general scoffs, he couldn’t give an answer, so he walked past Captain while Randy and Selena left immediately.

“From the recording, the general was talking to nobody”, Selena said, “at first like a crazy person, then he turned to look at the door and Ashley came in just in time to kill him; and no other voice was heard, except that of the general; this is confusing”




Miley was in her house, with Ashley who
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