At night, Ashley opened the door of a room; of a house which wasn’t his. He walked in she switched on the lights only to see the general on the case already pointing his gun at him, “wanna kill me too?”, the general asked, “, it's been years”

Cops and special forces came in instantly; Ashley was surrounded. Ashley pulled out his gun and dropped it; turning around and putting his hands at the back of his head, “do I get to do it this way?”, he asked; still smiling and looking confident, “I'll be gone like a bird”, he said while looking at the general.

While the cops were about to cuff him, the general yelled, “wait!”

But it was too late, Ashley grabbed and twisted their hands and as the others tried to shoot, he used them as shield so they couldn’t; cutting the two together while taking their guns and jumping outside through the window from up stairs.

They looked through the window and he was gone before they could even follow him.


He had escaped the cops but was still running
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