Demon Lord of Envy
Zi Lok Fortress, Tsi Luen, Cheena, Earth


Death Harbinger and the Lord of Envy standing in front of each other with their swords unsheathed. Dreygo and a few of the super ninjas behind him were ready for a fight against Belrag standing at the center of the largest room of the courtyard house.

The atmosphere gradually grew heavy and it was felt by the humans present in the room. Elaine had her breathing increased and so was Sho. The air was thinning and getting hotter. It had little effect on the Bahukatsu ninjas and master Jade wearing their armor that served as a shield from the discomforting atmosphere. Everyone was ready for what was going to ensue.

“I am ready to die, Dreygo, but it won’t be easy without the angel,” Belrag said.

“Viriel will come, for that I am sure. But do not get too cocky without him. I might surprise you.” Dreygo responded.

“Do you know what my capability is?” The Demon Lord asked.

“Dancing?” Dreygo chuckled.

“You are funny, Death Harbinger. This
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