Lust's Demise


Dreygo felt his knees and his sole soring as he gave everything on his speed. He jumped on numerous obstacles, then ran again as he blazed further deep inside the Capital. Then it hit him, the screams of agony and pain. He knew the horrors of those moans, familiar to him. He knew he was nearing.

On a large clearing, from far up ahead beyond the green gardens and the beautiful orchard of the Templar’s hall, laid the battlefield of humans and ghosts. He found Nethaniel was dropped to his knees, almost non-moving.

Then he found Lust fighting against the ghosts. The humans had no match. Their weapons do not work against them. Bullets passed through them, and bombs just slowed the ghosts down, they kept on going like they were gnawing the pests on their way. The Bahukatsu armored warriors had a fighting chance with their swords that were bathed with Enchantium element had managed to kill some ghosts.

Dreygo entered the battlefield, it was almost ending. It was clear that the huma
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