Old But Wise
Viriel took the book out. Dreygo stopped from munching his food.

“Aren’t you gonna eat first? I never saw you eat.” Dreygo asked.

“Well, we angels can survive even without eating,” Viriel answered.

“Good for you. Ok then. Let’s see what's good about the forbidden spells.”

“You may not find this book helpful, Dreygo.”

“Why not?” Elaine asked, interjecting.

“Because…” Viriel stuttered.

“Because what?”

“Because someone’s coming. Put out the smoke.” Viriel demanded.

“Who?” Dreygo asked, unsheathing his sword from beside him. Elaine put out the fire with her feet.

“I don’t know. But he’s close.”

Dreygo stood up. His eyes trained on the surroundings, swept from left to right. He saw nobody. Not a soul. Not until he found shrubs moving from a distance.

“I see something,” Dreygo said.

Unknowingly, a cold sharp edge blade caressed gently Dreygo’s neck. The blade was a quarter-inch closer to his jugular vein and one quick sweep would deliver his death. So, he stood still instead. Th
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