Refael of the First
The Tunnels, Decadia, Heaven


His blood boils of the humanoid demons, and the monstrosity of Hell. But this was different, facing a traitor and an angel, his blood not only boils but it burned. He felt the heat bursting through his pores, and his sweat evaporated. A being that already had everything, now turned a blind eye to sin just to save his own life.

“We trained for years, Dreygo, and we seek action. This is the one I seek, not peace, but power.” Refael screamed, inviting the Demon once more.

“Dreygo, we have to plan for an attack,” Viriel said.

“You plan for an attack, while I attack!” Dreygo scuttled fast like time was more precious than the Centiums in Heaven. His sword was in his hand.

But instead of the first rank angel, it was Heralt of the third who met him. He appeared before him, their swords crossed just for a split second. It was almost unnoticeable. Dreygo could feel the air brought by the Angel’s speed.

Dreygo pulled his blade, scraping against each other.
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