The Tunnels
There was silence or utter disappointment. The Vault was empty. Empty as the space beyond the skies of Earth. Everybody could hear Dreygo cursing, his feet stomping to the ground like a young girl.

He slammed his fist to the nearest concrete table and broke it in half, the stone slab stood helplessly against Dreygo’s rage. His body emanated heat and visible steam escaped his skin, especially from his shoulders.

Viriel kicked an empty shelf that used to hold weapons and it flew like it was made of sticks. Elaine held her mouth like she was about to cry but she didn’t. Davyd was rather calm and took a long deep stare at the empty chasm that held the vault.

“Something’s wrong,” Davyd said.

“Everything’s wrong, we are too late, Davyd.” Dreygo snapped, his head bent, and was standing over the pitiful remnant of a stone table.

“Yes Dreygo, we are too late. But the vault seems to be a pathway of some sort. I could not even see the end of it.”

“What do you mean?” Viriel scuttled beside D
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