The Raid
Mental Chamber, Bahukatsu Dojo, Cheena


The battle had almost ended. Dreygo noticed that their numbers were slowly dwindling. He was infuriated with the nearest country, Gattekat, which had not followed as agreed before the Southerns’ expected arrival - to contribute five hundred strong soldiers to come to their aid. Seemingly in this arena, the locals of Ingstad were left alone to be squandered upon the heathens.

‘Why? Are they not going to fight for their countrymen? Cowards!’ Dreygo forcibly cursed within himself.

Instinctively, his mind drifted to his family. His wife Maria and his children. He must protect them at all costs. The only barrier needed to overcome was the opponent before him - the Commander of the Southern force.

“I see cowardice in your face, maggot,” the Commander taunted.

“The battle is not over yet,” he forced the statement even though he knew that it was otherwise.

“Do not worry, worm. I will be quick with your death.”

The heavy and large Commander swu
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