Southern Heathens
Mental Chamber, Bahukatsu Dojo


A beautiful figure stood right outside their shackled home. The downpour had been strong that the garden soil was soft enough to allow his sword to be effortlessly lodged through. But when he glanced back at his weapon, it was now turned into a shovel. He seemed to dig waterways in between garden plots. Suddenly, memories mixed with happiness and depression flooded his thoughts.

“Don’t fight it!” His wife once again screamed at him, trying to overcome the loudness of the rain.

“My wife, Maria!” Dreygo retorted without accurate comprehension of his wife’s words.

He faintly heard the soft guffaws brought by his children playing inside the hut and his despair now turned to happiness and joy.

The snorting and squealing of pigs were overheard as they find comfort in each other’s bodies' warmth as the rain had borne with the cold breeze. The trees swayed wildly and the overcast skies were dark brought by the rain.

Everything seemed real and sad. The
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