The Rescue III
“Who are you guys?” This was the first statement Officer Sho asked his rescuers.

They already escaped the hospital and the Officer knew the Hospital escape routes and passed along emergency exits that only hospital staff knew.

He had experienced a hostage case Tsengshe hospital and the first thing they assessed was the building's blueprints and exit points. They exited the Hospital a few minutes before the place was surrounded by his fellow officers. The police officer settled himself in the back passenger seat of the car and Dreygo was in front.

Officer Sho was heavily gasping for air. He knew that the Triad won’t stop if he was dead. Typically, Triads did not like Officers with unshaken integrity or it might spark something motivational for other police officers to do the same. Hence, bribery in the police force would be a great predicament for underground activities.

“I am Elaine, and this is Dreygo,” Elaine replied. Her voice was soft, trying to soothe the shocked officer.

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