Burning Flames
Fish Coast, Tsi Luen City, Cheena, Earth


In the largest fish port of Tsi Luen, the Zi Lok clan had converted an abandoned warehouse into a drug operation made subtle as a fish business a front. There were hundreds of forced slaves inside the facility and ten armed Demon thugs.

The moon was high and the place was quiet, only small distant fish port lamps gave the environment faint illumination. A perfect time to attack stealthily. They planned to take down demon thugs one by one from outside and then push inside.

Viriel had taken his matters to Azakiel and looked for him for confrontation. Hence, they could not rely on the Angel momentarily.

Elaine positioned herself on top of a crane, seven hundred meters from the facility. She had her sniper rifle and settled herself stable, digging her eyes into the sniper scope. Sweat drenched her forehead as nervousness mixed with immense worry loomed but she disregarded her pessimism.

Hunting was her wild hobby when her father was still
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