War IV

The underground Keep tremored with a strength exceeds a normal earthquake. The lights inside the keep blinked, testing the integrity of the underground circuitry. Dreygo glanced at Viriel, his wife and daughter were surprised and worry had plastered on their innocent faces. The dangers lurked outside the outskirts of the Capital and death was nigh had given Dreygo gooseflesh. The most awaited moments for Centuries in hell that only in dreams he could relish, now it’s in the grasp within his hands.

For few hours they had been talking but it seemed it was a short while. Lyka shared their momentous days in Heaven and all the good it gave them even with a simple life. Maria prepared food for them, her best soup recipe but with a twist. She had mastered home cooking as she had the best teachers in the realm and of course Centuries of practice.

All the Harbinger did was listen, smile, and it was the happiest moments of his life ever since Hell. His lifelong dream came true, a faint gleam of
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