War I
The tremors had loomed, shaking the ground stronger. The march came into a sprint as Nethaniel assumed. It grew stronger and stronger each time every waking minute. The war generals continued their words of motivation. Faith was mentioned a few more in all their statements. Nethaniel heard the prayers of the angel warriors grew stronger and all were addressed to Arkeus.

The prayers remained unanswered but he could feel the air of Lord Arkeus’ grace had mantled the atmosphere provided comfort and strength and the motivation to offer life for the realm, for the balance, and for the pursuit of peace.

Nethaniel thought of Dreygo and Elaine. Such participants were vital for the possibility of conjuring the spell as a solution to the worst scenario. A life for a life was the bargain that Elaine and Dreygo accepted. All Demon Lords should perish for the forbidden spell to work. With such greed and chaos, a sacrifice is a must but it should be worth it. For eternal peace, he th
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