War VI

The wrath of wraiths ended with minimal casualties. Dreygo killed two that flew near him. The auburn clouds had vanished and the sky dimmed gradually. The march of a million demon army shook not only the grounds of Manuheim but also the hearts and faith of the warriors. A rain of fire came down from the dark swirling clouds that dimmed the overcast. Screams and shouts, even the sounds of writhing demon souls could be overheard at a three-kilometer distance. They covered the wide vista in front of them, covering the foot of Stoic and Mierka mountains.

Giant silhouettes of Kraken floated overhead the ranks of demons as if they were swimming as air like water to them. The Generals shouted, ‘All in formation’. The crew replaced the charge batteries of photon cannons. The atmosphere became gloomy and fearful, Dreygo felt it, swimming in the air like virus.

“Viriel, we cannot let the Krakens come near us. Or we will be crushed!” Dreygo said.

“I’ll send word to the Generals.” Viriel did it t
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