Cruel Angel's Thesis

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Cruel Angel's Thesis

By: Jason Kz OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Allain - the legendary warrior of the Gold Kingdom - enters Teres in search of the only one who can bring him peace. But he's not the first; others have begun their residence. As the domination of their kingdom spreads, threatening to engulf all of humanity, Allain finds himself standing between his own kind and the one he loves and must accept the life he abandoned in order to secure his freedom for her.

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THE BORDERLANDS OF THE GOLDEN KINGDOMShards of light were scattered like wounds across a crimson sky, converging over the western horizon. The vibrant display was all that remained of the Holy One’s manifestation in this place along creation’s spectrum. Somewhere beyond the jagged mountain peaks, past a multitude of worlds invisible from this perspective, the city of the Holy One marked the end of the Golden Kingdom where the blazing illumination of His righteousness dwelled. But here, on the Borderlands of the Teres Kingdom, the nothingness of the Evil One cloaked the land in darkness.The desolate terrain below passed by in a blur. Ahead, the glowing forms of the winged Irisviel moved silently through the mist which clung to the recesses of the landscape. Their ethereal bodies were nearly motionless, gliding with a gracefulness that defied the blinding speed at which they flew.At the rear of the formation, Allain nodded to his own soldiers, giving the silent order to ready their w
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KRUTHELTHE TERES KINGDOMThe sky overhead loomed black, fading to the deepest blue as it reached the horizon. The dark silhouette of mountains marked the end of one Kingdom and the beginning of another. All was enveloped in a blanket of silence. Within the endless expanse of the firmament, small points of light pierced the darkness. Scattered against the backdrop of nothingness, their light swelled in intensity until their multitudes covered the heavens. Their brilliant whiteness pulsed, sometimes in unison, sometimes individually. In the moments between pulses, hints of color played around their edges.Gradually, some stars dimmed, revealing their distinct colors. Drifting closer to each other, they began to draw inward and spiral around a vortex, their speed increasing with proximity to the large, fiery star at their center. Quickly, they coalesced into one multicolored orb.In reaction to this movement, the remaining points of light parted and momentarily hovered as if confused, m
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OUTSIDE LAENINGARTHE BORDERLANDS OF THE GOLDEN KINGDOMA luminescent trail of blood meandered along the soil. Its path was erratic, disturbed occasionally by footprints on one side and lateral scuff marks on the other. Allain tried his best to deny the fact that somewhere, on the other end of the glowing line of evidence they were leaving behind, the demonic hordes were tracking them. It would hardly be a difficult task.The liquid light that coursed through angelic veins would have been lost against the radiant backdrop of their own territory. But they were now behind enemy lines, and the dark, barren soil of this place only made their presence blatantly obvious.“Come on,” Allain said, bearing almost all of Amthardel’s weight.The Iryllur was looking duller by the second. His legs were covered in his own blood, spilling freely from the gash on the left side of his abdomen.They both knew it was fatal, but Allain didn’t want Amthardel dying in a place like this. As he hefted the sol
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LAENINGARTHE TERES KINGDOMSheyir sat on a low, flat rock, dangling her feet in the still water of the pond. It felt cool between her toes and gave her a momentary distraction from her frustration. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when her father announced Sheyir’s forthcoming betrothal to her uncle, but it did anyway. She had many uncles, but it seemed as though she would have to marry the most repulsive one. Unfortunately, her father didn’t have much say in the matter; such things were dictated by the customs of her people. Nevertheless, she wasn’t comforted by this. It only made her angry to think about the fact that there wasn’t another option. Someday this would all seem more bearable. Someday … when she had given up hope for something different.But now was not that time. Now, she wasn’t able to bear it. And the feel of the water wasn’t able to dispel her feelings. In fact, the whole valley felt different today. The trees around her looked strange and dull, like the life ha
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LAENINGARWhy did I say that?Allain still had his hand outstretched in the direction Sheyir had run. The branches and leaves still swayed from her passage, but she was gone. He slowly curled his fingers inward and lowered his arm. I just came here to escape. To regroup. Didn’t I?But his words to Sheyir still hung in the air, revealing a deeper motive that he himself wasn’t aware of until the moment it took the form of words.I’ve come a long way to see you.Allain lowered his gaze to the ground beside him while he searched his memory for confirmation or denial of what he’d just spoken. Laeningar had become a place of refuge for him in recent times. In the Golden Kingdom, there was a sharp contrast between it and the territory of the Evil One. Even among the luminescent terrain of his own territory, the Valley of Healing stood out as a special place. It had drawn his attention at first sight, but what succeeded in capturing his fascination was the realization that it had all been cr
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NORTH OF KRUTHELFrom his home city on the grassy plains, Enoch traveled due north. Somewhere beyond the eastern horizon lay the mountains of Nagah, but Enoch kept the shores of Da-Mayim visible on his western side as he picked his way carefully across the terrain. Traveling at a pace that he knew would be sustainable for quite some time, he moved only by the light of day, continuing on a straight route for three weeks until he reached a body of water that spread to the north, east, and west as far as his eye could see. Turning westward, he kept the shoreline on his right side for another three days until the land narrowed between it and another body of water to the west. Across this strip of land, which he named Ad-Banyim*, he traveled with relative ease until the shorelines on either side began to widen and the terrain began to slope upward. In his mind, he could still see clearly the path that had been laid out before him. And with confidence, he kept to the right-hand shoreline as
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NEAR BAHYITHThe following morning, Allain had more visitors. He knew the previous night’s confrontation would have one of two outcomes. Either the men of the village would return in greater numbers, hoping to overwhelm him by force, or they would come peaceably, bringing their elder to make an alliance with the powerful stranger. Allain hoped the latter was true and that his demonstration was sufficient to prevent any further attempts at violence. When he saw the small group of Chatsiyram traveling in the open, his hope increased.They walked slowly beside the stream, understandably cautious. The youngest men with smooth faces walked in front. They carried khafars in their clenched fists. Older males followed closely behind, with close-cropped, bearded faces that shifted continually, looking for additional signs of danger. When they were within speaking distance, the group halted. The young men in front parted into two groups.The elder, whose beard fell well past his chest, moved fo
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