Destiny Harem Volume 1

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Destiny Harem Volume 1

By: AisuruOfficial OngoingHarem

Language: English

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"Wait...You want me to what? Go on dates with who? I am literally just now starting college can this wait?! I'm only 19 years old! Allow me to at least ready myself for this! Being a virgin doesn't sound too bad right about now..." A "lucky" 19 year old male named Shiro Moji has been chosen to start his own harem with many women of different races and species! A truly momentous moment for him to finally escape his old virgin lifestyle and finally become a man! As he goes on dates, a tiny demon guide named Lustie, helps him keep track of how much affection each girl has and has other useful features! Join Shiro as he builds his very own harem with many different girls!

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A "Beautiful" Start
"And that is why Newton's Third Law is very important." My professor said then heard the bell ring and noticed everyone packing up. "Don't forget, everyone review my study guide for the upcoming quiz. Study by yourself, in pairs, groups, I don't care. Just make sure to understand the material and don't fail your exams."I packed my bag and got up to leave the classroom."Ah, Shiro. A word with you, please?" My professor said then went to sit at her desk.I sighed softly and walked over to her desk. I looked over and watched the last couple of students leave the classroom then looked back at my professor.My professor is named Akira Okabe. She was a relatively young looking woman who couldn't be older than her 20s. She had black hair that seemed to always be tied in a bun whenever I saw her on campus. She wore a blue button up shirt, a black skirt, and wore her favorite black shoes.She took off her glasses and set them on her desk. "Shiro, you have to bring up your grades. I know you'
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Let The Date Begin!
Day: TuesdayLocation: My BedroomTime: Morning"You're up! Great, we can get going and talk to some broads." Lustie smiled and floated next to me."That's the plan, but only after I finish my classes. I don't want to fall behind." I said."Fair enough, fair enough." Lustie smiled then looked at Lust-E then clicked on the My Stats button.[Acquiring Shiro's Stats...][Stats Acquired!]Name: Shiro MojiAge: 19Birthday: December 6Sex: MaleSpecies: HumanRace: HawaiianHeight: 6 FeetWeight: 189 lbsEducation: CollegeOccupation: College StudentLust: Level 0Luck: Level 0Romance: Level 0Empathy: Level 0Flirtation: Level 0Charisma: Level 0Passion: Level 0Talent: Level 0Charm: Level 0Stamina: Level 0"I think the best course of action before you leave the room would be to increase your stats." Lustie said."What good would that even do, honestly? No one is gonna see it and frankly I don't think the women are gonna notice." I said."That's where you're wrong..~ By increasing you
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The Highschool Best Friend
Day: WednesdayLocation: My BedroomTime: MorningI sat on my bed and used the Credi that I earned last night to upgrade a few of my Traits. Lustie was in my bathroom freshing up and was humming to the music I had Lust-E playing for her.[New Abilities Unlocked!]Romance Level 3: Pleasure Inducement, Comfort InducementFlirtation Level 3: Desire Intuition, Humor Intuition, Enhanced SeductionLust Level 3: Sexual Inducement, Enhanced Pleasure Inducement, Desire ExhibitionPassion Level 3: Increased Abilities for Lust, Romance, Flirtation, Empathy, and Talent by 15%Luck Level 3: Flash Precognition (Random Activation)"I'm just about ready. Are you?" Lustie said from the bathroom."Yeah. Yeah I'm ready." I said then stood up and Lust-E stopped playing music. I grabbed my bag and Mark's binder and off my desk.I walked out of my room and Lustie followed behind then I made my way downstairs to grab my keys like I always have then walked out of the house.Day: WednesdayLocation: Matsugaya
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Revenge Is Sweet
Day: ThursdayLocation: My BedroomTime: Morning"I'm surprised you're even getting ready to go back to college after what happened. Most kids would've moved to a different university by now." Lustie said then crossed her arms. "I'm sure there are more interesting girls at other universities anyway.""Nah. Besides moving seems very pointless. I actually want to graduate with a Degree." I said as I used Lust-E to upgrade my stats.[New Abilities Unlocked!]Stamina Level 3: Peak Human Stamina, Sexual Stamina Increased by 10%, Increased Durability, Slight Pain Suppression, Peak Human Endurance"Now, that I have my Stamina Leveled Up, I can finally hold my own for much longer if those goons try to attack me again." I said then stood up.Lustie shrugged and turned into a tiny demon and rested on my shoulder. "Well at least you'll be better off now. I hated seeing you get beat up. Luckily I got rid of those wounds off your body.."I smiled and grabbed my bag. "Thanks." I said then walked ou
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In The Clouds
Day: Friday Location: My Bedroom Time: Morning I was feeling extremely good this morning because I no longer had to deal with Mark and his sheep friends. Lustie noticed I was in a good mood and smiled then turned down the music. She floated into the bathroom and floated next to me. She playfully bumped her shoulder into mine. "Feeling good this morning?~" She smiled. "Mhm, I can finally go to classes without stressing out." I said. "Plus I'm ready to go on a date with one of the girls." "That's the spirit, Superstar! Let's go out and get some shit started!" Lustie said excitedly. I nodded and finished getting ready and grabbed Lust-E off the nightstand then grabbed my bag and left my room. Day: Friday Location: Matsugaya College Time: Morning I walked on campus feeling real good and put on my earrings then messed my hair up a little then walked forward. I used my clairaudience to hear what was being said. "He's kinda bold for what he did.." One student said. "Mark actuall
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We're So Close
Day: SaturdayLocation: Aubrie's HouseTime: MorningI groaned as I woke up with the worst hangover of my life. I rolled over on my back and opened my eyes then noticed I was still at Aubrie's House. I sat up and looked beside me, seeing Aubrie still asleep. I laid back down then looked at her. I gently stroked her hair. Despite her occasional bitchy attitude, she was really pretty. The fact we even had sex still surprised me.I just laid in bed with her until I heard movements from her. I looked at her and noticed she was finally waking up." fucking head is throbbing.." She groaned then sat up slowly.I sat up as well and she looked at me."Holy shit, loser. I thought you would've left by now." Aubrie said then leaned into me then kissed my lips in which I kissed back. She pulled away and smirked. "But I'm glad you stayed so I can document this and rub it in Mark's stupid fucking face!"I looked at her and scratched the back of my head. "Or, you can keep this between us so
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